Jeffrey was born on 12th July 2000 at the Sandton Clinic in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa.  He was 3,94kg at birth.  He is now almost 1 and is adorable.  He has 7 teeth and is trying to walk.  

Here are a few photo's - please click on each to see a bigger & better picture.

Mark & Jeff.jpg (51921 bytes)

Mark & Jeffrey

Jeff__Fire_Engine.JPG (36196 bytes)

Jeff playing with Gregory's new Fire Engine

Jeff_in_High_Chair.JPG (34738 bytes)

Jeff in his high Chair - 9 Months old

Jeff In Truck.jpg (57848 bytes)

Jeff sitting in Greg's Truck

Jeff & Gangan.jpg (55993 bytes)

Jeff & GanGan

Jeff 1.jpg (83870 bytes)

A very thirsty boy!

Jeff 2.jpg (71287 bytes)

I'm happy

jeff_3.JPG (49562 bytes)

Jeff & Cleo

jeff_4.JPG (58803 bytes)

Jeff asleep on Anthony

jeff_5.JPG (45231 bytes)

Jeff loves chocolate biscuits

wpeA.jpg (27485 bytes)

Jeff giving his mom a cuddle


wpeC.jpg (68754 bytes)

Jeff getting his birthday present from GanGan

wpe5.jpg (44949 bytes)

Jeff & his brother on his 1st Birthday

Jeffre6.jpg (95008 bytes)

Jeff loves to play with the swing

Jeffre7.jpg (88425 bytes)

What a cheeky face

Jeffre8.jpg (78629 bytes)

Jeff having a rest in Greg's truck

Jeffre9.jpg (110442 bytes)

Greg & Jeff on their bikes

Jeffre10.jpg (129622 bytes)

Jeff on his bike