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Greg & Jeff.jpg (72602 bytes)

Greg & Jeff building a floor puzzle

Greg 1.jpg (106724 bytes)

Greg in knee & elbow pads

Greg's Birthday.jpg (54696 bytes)

Greg's 4th birthday party at school

Grandpa & Greg.jpg (42728 bytes)

Greg & Grandpa

Greg_3.JPG (20866 bytes)

Greg with Gizmo

Greg_4.JPG (64292 bytes)

Caught playing on mommy's desk!

Greg_5.JPG (18607 bytes)

Greg playing on his computer

Greg_6.JPG (48320 bytes)

Greg at his Christmas Concert

Greg_7.JPG (64507 bytes)

Greg fixing his bike

Greg_8.JPG (58712 bytes)

Greg & Gizmo asleep on the couch

Greg_10.jpg (64048 bytes)

Gregory & Sarah

Gregor16.jpg (99579 bytes)

Greg on his bike

Gregor17.jpg (78759 bytes)

Greg with the cats asleep on his lap

Gregor18.jpg (69091 bytes)

Shhhh... Greg's asleep