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18 years ago, on the weekend of the 28th o'November, a ugly little baby called NodaL popped out - closely following his clan member to be Random. To celebrate this occation and the end of the year for a lot of people and just cause we love Quake so much, we are hosting the single largest (to our knowledge) unsponsered LAN game in SA!!!.


WHEN : 28-29 November 1998

VENUE : Andre Rooso Hall, Randfontien

ENTRANCE FEE : Just your computer!!

YOUR HOSTS : Random, Renegade, Wreath and NodaL
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Food and beverage(alcoholic and non) will be available for purchase there, as well as a 24-hour Bimbo's and Steer's and many resturants and pubs that are open till late!!(Randfontein ain't as dead as some think!)

Braai facilities and enough wood will also be supplied.

Other than that everything else must be self provided.

We would just like to ask all those who can provide hubs,cables and extension cords please to bring them as you can never have enough of those(For God's sake just mark the things somehow)

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Unlike certain LAN partys in the past (ahem!) there should really be enough electricity i.e. lots of plug points plus a really tough looking municiple plug box! :-)
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All cars will be in a large contained area, so you can Quake in peace without thinking of whats happening to your wheels.

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I know there's alot of people out there that hate other people for really petty reasons (I know, I'm one of them), but for once I'll like to see Quakers going somewhere to do what they really wanna do, Play a shit load of Quake!!!! And fuck the rest!!!

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