Upgrading Embedded Pascal

If you have purchased a licence for any Embedded Pascal compiler either from the Embedded Pascal page directly or through one of the authorised distributors, you can upgrade to the current version of your purchased compiler at no charge.

Yes - upgrades are free.

How to upgrade ?

If you would like to upgrade your 805x MKI (pre version 2.0) compiler please go here: Upgrading the 805x MK I

Send a short e-mail containing your registration details and the name or company name you registered under. Do not send any files you have been given as part of your registration. Send to: Rainier@IAfrica.com

If this matches a vaild entry in my registration data base you will be sent information on how upgrade your current version. Please note you can only upgrade a given version once. If I receive upgrade requests for the same copy from more than one place I am going to get suspicious...

Please include a valid e-mail return address in your e-mail. I have received many e-mails in the past that bounce when I click on the "reply to sender" button.

If you have not had a response within 2 working days, please assume that either your mail to me or my response to you has been lost somewhere. Please try again.

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