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Embedded Pascal for the Z380 has been around for a while. It is not yet an official download and thus you cannot get it here.

The Z380 compiler is as yet unfinished. It is working but still has not been fitted with a floating point package. If you are in desperate need of a decent compiler for this nice processor, you can get the current version from me direct. See the ordering page Ordering Embedded Pascal for details. Simply send me a e-mail and we will work something out.

Due to a probably low demand for this compiler (as the processor itself has a low demand) the price is $250 and there is no simulator available. This somewhat higher price compared to the other, more popular compilers is to give me some incentive to support this product.

The compiler has some rather unique features that are a direct result of several large projects we have done with this compiler. Most notably was the development of a multi-pass linker that now features in the AVR and 805x compilers. This linker can resolve instructuction codes at link time. This made it possible to create code output that would size every instruction according to the size of the argument. This is required since the Z380 works with instruction prefixes resulting for example in 3 different variants of the LD HL,nnnn instruction, depending only on the size of the argument "nnnn". In a traditional assembler the programmer must now know which prefix to use. This now includes addresses as well. The result of this is that normal development tools simply assume 32 bit arguments regardless of the actual size of the argument. I found this not very elegant as this leads directly to larger code and lower performance. The result of the new linker is that every instruction used has exactly the right size and prefix.  

Embedded Pascal for the Z380. Compiler/Assembler features:

Embedded Pascal for the Z380 is low cost shareware, despite its ability to easily outperform any other, expensive compiler on the market.

Download not yet available - The compiler will be e-mailed to you direct.

For information on how to buy Embedded Pascal for the Z380 , Click here.

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