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15/8/2003 Z80/Z180/Rabbit version 2.03 uploaded

On these pages you will find Embedded Pascal compilers and development tools for your development needs.

Currently the following compilers are available:

Z80/Z180 and compatible

8051/8052 and compatible


Z380/Z382 ( Beta )

Click on the image for a larger view of a typical Embedded Pascal Editor screen shot.

Embedded Pascal promotes the use of the Pascal programming language for small Embedded Processor cores. If you prefer programming in Pascal over "C" your search is over ! If you are currently using "C", I invite you to give Embedded Pascal a try. You might be pleasantly surprised !.

Embedded Pascal differs from many well known embedded processor development tools is several aspects. The first is cost. Embedded Pascal is distributed as shareware and the registration cost is very reasonable. This does however not mean that you have to make do with a inferior product. Embedded Pascal offers a great and easy to use development environment that gives the programmer full control over every aspect of his target system. Many innovative features build on a proven, powerfull core.

What is Embedded Pascal ?

Embedded Pascal consists of several parts that work seamlessly together. Based on a multipass assembler and linker, Embedded Pascal produces assembler source code. Most Embedded Pascal systems include a simulator that you can use to test your code or simply to experiment.

Embedded Pascal makes a perfect companion to your Delphi compiler. Due to the high degree of code compatibility between Delphi and Embedded Pascal many Embedded Pascal projects start out being written and debugged under Delphi using a simulated enviroment. This is usualy easy to setup since it is so simple to create nice graphical interfaces for your Delphi applications.

Want to know more ? Download a demo. What better way to try before you buy ?

You get:

A powerful Pascal Compiler that generates assembler source code, a full feature Assembler and Linker and a Simulator. All of this is Windows 95/98/NT/2000 hosted !

The cost ?

$129 for either the Z80/Z180, 805x, or AVR.

$250 for the Z380 32 bit compiler.

This includes everything. No limits. Not a student version. And free upgrades thown in as well.

Join the growing family of successfull Embedded Pascal developers today and never look back...

Link area:


Downloads doc & help files

Go here: Embedded Pascal documents

Embedded Pascal 805x.

Downloads and information.

Go here: Embedded Pascal 805x area

Embedded Pascal Z180.

Downloads and information.

Go here: Embedded Pascal Z180 area

Embedded Pascal AVR.

Downloads and information.

Go here: Embedded Pascal AVR area

Embedded Pascal Z380.


Go here: Embedded Pascal Z380 area

Purchase Embedded Pascal

How and where to get your copy

Go here: How to register

Free upgrades.

How to upgrade your copy.

Go here: How to upgrade

Found a bug ?

Great ! Let me know so I can fix it !

Reporting bugs and requesting support

C vs. Pascal

Here is my take on the subject

Go here: C vs. Pascal

This one I just could not resist.

For the humour side of life.

Top 10 reasons why Pascal is better than "C"

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