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New ! 805x MKII compiler version 2.x is available now !

Welcome to Embedded Pascal for the 805x. This page will provide you with information and links related to Embedded Pascal for the 805x.

The Embedded pascal MKII compiler contains a device definition system allowing you to setup the compiler for any 8051 derivative processor such as those available from Dallas, Philips and others. The only requirement is a binary compatible processor core !

Embedded Pascal for the 805x is a one-stop solution for your 8051,8052 and related designes. Briefly, Embedded Pascal for the 805x provides these features:

Embedded Pascal is shareware. Proof that low cost can be good quality ? Download and try. You be the judge !


Embedded Pascal 805x MKII (approx. 900KB)


John Hartman's NOICE supports Embedded Pascal. Download the symbol conversion utility.

Please note that the above Embedded Pascal download does not contain help files or documentation. These items are available at this location.

Ordering Embedded Pascal

If you would like to order your copy of Embedded Pascal, please click on the link below for payment options. Please note that your license remains valid for any minor release or upgrade of Embedded Pascal.

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