Upgrading your 805x MKI (pre version 2.0) to the 805x MKII

The new MKII compiler has a new registration system that does not recognize your old compiler. In order to upgrade you must be a bona-fide registered user of this compiler.

Please note that each compiler is personalized and can only be upgraded once.

Please send me a copy of the e-mail I sent your when you registered your compiler. I need the contents of this e-mail to upgrade you and cannot to it without.

If you purchased your copy from Lawicel or Dontronics I will upgrade you for free as well. In this case you received an e-mail from these companies. I need a copy of this e-mail including the attachement file. I am not able to upgrade your compiler without this information.

Please e-mail the requested information to me at: Rainier@IAfrica.com

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