Links for the Embedded Programmer

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Z80/Z180 related links

Zilog. They make the things.
Thomas Scherrer's Z80 Home Page. Recommended !

8051/8052 related links Good starting point. 805x based SBC's, CAN controllers and good links
Free 8051 Pascal compiler with enhancements by Derek Kennedy

Of general programmers interest

Programmer's tools at
Looking for Emulators ? Look no further...
NoICE Remote Debugger - 8051 68HC11 Z80 Z8 6502 etc. ICE without hardware ? Yep...

Pascal related links

Borland. The Masters ! The name has changed to "Inprise". What was wrong with "Borland" ? Great starting point All sorts of info, not just for Pascal
Delphi Super Page This is the main site in Poland. It has many mirrors for easy access.
Turbo Pascal Links Behind this simple title find a HUGE amount of info and links

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