Bug reporting and Software support

You have stumbled across a bug in Embedded Pascal ?

If you would like me to know about it, please send me the details in a short E-Mail. Attach any code required to reproduce the fault.

Unlike some compiler companys (which shall remain unnamed), I do acknowledge that there may be bugs in my products. I don't like 'em, neither do you (I presume). In a project as complex as Embedded Pascal, it is impossible for me to find every problem. I use Embedded Pascal myself, so this helps. Judging by past experience, Beta testing does not help to much. Sofar, I have been lucky. Every problem reported has been minor, nothing that would stop you from procucing working code. I hope this trend will continue. In any case I do need your input. I promise to fix any reported bug fast.

Please ! Please ! Please !

Do NOT send your entire project (if it is a big one...), just send a few lines of code and a clear description of the problem. I will do my best to fix it for the next release !

Support Policy

I cannot provide any support for unregistered users. If you are registered I will be happy to help with any problems you may have with Embedded Pascal itself. I cannot help you with problems you may experience with your project and I cannot develop partial or full code for your project. (As much as I would like to. It seems some of you are doing some interresting stuff with Embedded Pascal...)

Embedded Pascal has not been developed by a big company with lots of people, just little me. My spare time is very limited as it is and I have my normal job to attend to. I am sure you will understand the situation. So, please E-Mail me with your problem if it is realy related to Embedded Pascal itself - Thank you.

Click here to open your E-Mail machine. If it does not work, use: Rainier@IAfrica.com

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