The history of Embedded Pascal - how it all started and where it is going.

Johannesburg, South Africa, 14th March 2003.

It has been a long time since I updated this page. Much has happened in the last year. I was out of action for quite a while as my heart started giving problems and I had to undergo a quadruple heart bypass operation.
I do not smoke, am 42 years old and quite fit so this was very unexpected. Anyway, all did go well and I am now back in action.
Those that followed the progress of EP know that I have started a small business developing and producing electronic aircraft instrumentation. This is now taking all of my time and we are expanding quite rapidly. Of course, everything is written in Embedded Pascal and we now use mainly various ATMega processors from Atmel. We started with 805x derivative processors but these are now being designed out. I think a new, larger development may just get one of those new Rabbit processors.

Embedded Pascal will continue and a small update has been uploaded today for both the AVR and 805x versions. I hope that my new aircraft instrumentation business will soon be taken over by a partner leaving me more time to concentrate on the many ideas waiting to be implemented into the current and future compilers.


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