How and where to get your copy of Embedded Pascal

Thank you for considering to become part of our growing family. Embedded Pascal is shareware. This is the reason for its low cost. In order to use the compiler for your developments you need to register.

You can register under your comany name or your personal name. The copy you will be receiving is personalized for you and the license conditions stipulate that only you or one designated developer in your company may use the compiler.

There is no expiry date and currently all upgrades are free of charge to any registered users.

Once you are registered, you are very welcome to join in the future of Embedded Pascal by helping with suggestions or ideas. The current MKII compilers (from versions 2 onwards) are a typical example of what can happen. Many of the advances are based on requests from users in the past.

Embedded Pascal can be registered online using the sevices of Digibuy. Digibuy (formerly Public shareware library or PSL) offers secure credit card order links for your convenience.

Once you have placed your order with Digibuy, they notify my by e-mail and I send you the registered version by e-mail. This means that in order to register online you must have an e-mail address available. In the event that you have not received a confirmation e-mail from me withing 48 hours, please contact me directly at:

Digibuy can also accept orders via fax or by other means if you prefer. Check the ordering pages for details on their options.

Should you wish to order directly from me, you can use one of several other options listed below.

Secure online order link for the AVR compiler:

Secure online order link for the 805x compiler:

Secure online order link for the Z180 compiler:

Secure online order link for the Z380 compiler: Not yet available. Please contact me direct at

Alternative methods of ordering

Cash Payment.

For the 805x, AVR or Z180 compiler Send $129 (US Dollars) to:

For the Z380 compiler send $250 to: 

Rainier Lamers

P.O.Box 286 Sundowner 2161

South Africa

I will also accept South African Rands (R650.00 / R1300.00 for Z380) for orders from South Africa only.

If you choose this payment option, I recommend that you send your payment via registered or insured mail. Also, insert the cash in a folded sheet of paper so that is cannot be seen if you hold the envelope to a strong light source.It takes approximately a week for mail to arrive from most countries.

Please include your E-Mail address so I know where to send your registration information. If you do not have access to E-Mail, include a postal address.If you have not received your registration information within 2-3 weeks, please check with me by sending me a short E-Mail note.


Cheque Payment

I can accept cheque payments made out to Rainier Lamers in South African Rands (R650.00, R1300 for Z380) for orders from South Africa only.

Further details as per cash payment.

International money order

This your bank or post office will arrange for you. These transfers take between 1 and 3 days from most Countries. You can also use the services of Western Union Money Transfer, there is a branch close to me. This is a very fast method taking only a few hours.

Please contact me for bank details via e-mail if you would like to use this option.

Pricing and further details as per cash payment.

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