Intel Pentium Pro

The Pentium Pro is the next level beyond the Pentium. The Pentium Pro delivers more performance than the previous processors because of a feature called Dynamic Execution.

Dynamic Execution is a three-tiered architecture of processing techniques. The first technique, called Multiple Branch Prediction, looks ahead and predicts which instructions are to be processed next. The second technique, called Dataflow Analysis, then analyzes these instructions to enhance the schedule of which commands are to perform for optimum output. Using the third technique, called Speculative Execution, the instructions are then performed based on optimized schedule. These three together keep the chip's processing power busy and boost overall processing performance.

The Pentium Pro is physically larger than the Pentium Chip and has a high speed L2 cache integrated into the processor. The core is designed using Dual-Independent Bus (DIB) architecture. As the name states, DIB uses two buses. One bus moves data between the processor and the main memory; the other bus moves data between the processor and the onboard L2 cache. The processor can access both buses at the same time.

Technical information: