Intel Pentium MMX

The Intel Pentium MMX was first introduced in 1997. It has a 32-KB cache, which is twice the size of the cache on the standard Pentium processor. The increased cache size reduces the number of times the processor has to access slower, off-chip memory areas for information, thus increasing the performance. It also contains MMX instructions to improve multimedia performance. The Intel Pentium MMX comes in speeds of 166MHz, 200MHz, and 233 MHz.

The Intel Pentium MMX architectural design enhancements were the inclusion of Intel's MMX instruction and an increase in the size of the L1 cache. The MMX instruction set includes 57 new instructions to speed up the processing of multimedia content. The L1 cache was doubled in size, which reduced the frequency that the processor had to wait for data to be retrieved from slower areas of the computer for information.

Technical information: