Intel Pentium II

The Pentium II is Intel's next level of processor after the Pentium Pro. It comes in speeds between 233MHz and 450MHz. Like the Pentium Pro, the Pentium II also makes use of the DIB architecture but it adds an advanced system bus that provides multiple simultaneous transactions. Intel's MMX technology is included in the Pentium II, adding higher performance for media, communications, and 3-D applications.

The original version of the Pentium II used a 66MHz system bus. From the 350MHz version, the bus speed was increased to 100MHz, improving overall performance.

The Pentium II processor is enclosed in a Single Edge Contact Cartridge (SECC), which houses the processor and 512KB of L2 cache memory. This design allows the cache to operate at half the processor speed instead of the much slower bus speed.

The Pentium II processor connects to a motherboard via a single edge connector instead of the multiple pins used in socketed processor packages. The SECC is designed for use with Intel's Slot-1 processor interface. The Pentium II is designed for use in both single- and dual-processor default systems.

Technical information