AMD Athlon XP

The AMD Athlon XP Processor is the newest of the AMD Athlon Family. This processor is optimized for WindowsXP. The AMD Athlon XP Processor is available in 1.4GHz and upwards.

The AMD Athlon XP Processor is designed to deliver great performance for Digital Media, 3D Gaming, Office Productivity and overall computing.

This processor processes photos and video files at an extremely fast rate. Because of the processor's speed one can burn CD's at high speeds. The AMD Athlon XP Processor also comes with improved multitasking capabilities (e.g. Send E-Mail, receive instant messages, play a game and listen to MP3s, all at the same time)

The AMD Athlon XP processor is the first the use AMD's QuantiSpeed Architecture. The QuantiSpeed Architecture helps bringing the new Windows XP operating system to a new level.

Technical Information: