Our systems - and the solution that we will provide for you - have firm foundations:
  • We have a seasoned programming staff, all of whom have many years experience over a wide range of disciplines.
  • Apart from this core of solid programming expertise we also have networking skills at our disposal. We are currently running one of the biggest UniVerse installations in South Africa: 250 + simultaneous users on a nation-wide network, with the main server located in Johannesburg.
  • Although our core business remains database applications using a "traditional" character based interface, we will inter-connect that database with your favourite PC-based management and analysis tools.
  • We don’t just sell you software and hardware. We will train your staff - and listen to their suggestions. We also offer a support desk service with connections to your system via modem, X25 or leased line.
  • Systems from Rá will not have a year 2000 problem. We've tested the date handling into the 67th century and have encountered no problems.
  • Our customers range from scaffolding hire companies to retail clothing chains to debt collection agencies. In each case we have deployed a selection of our standard system modules with custom written applications that, together, meet the client’s precise requirements.
  • We don’t supply hardware, but we have forged relationships with companies that provide hardware that we believe will serve our clients well. We can advise you on your hardware selection and will, if required, source hardware for you.
  • The hardware can be a modest Pentium class machine or a sophisticated multiprocessor box.
  • Operating systems? Windows NT or any of the mainstream commercial UNIX variants.
  • We are also a registered ACB bureau, and can facilitate payment collection via debit orders on magnetic tape.
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