Table of contents:
These are our standard modules, our "building blocks". They are designed to interface with each other.
We will combine these, and custom code where necessary, to create a system that meets your requirements exactly. We can also provide an interface between the database and your preferred windows applications.
  • General ledger fully integrated with subsidiary ledgers.
  • Debtors, Creditors, Cashbook, Inventory, Manufacturing and Sales.
  • Easy to use financial report writer.
  • Financial statements to screen with "drill down" to sub-ledger.
  • Flexible posting options.
  • Creditors integrated with cash book for once-off payments and cheque creation.
  • Automatic Bank reconciliation with statement pull down from bank.
  • Debtors banking integrated with cashbook for up to date balancing and cash flow control.
  • Debtors diary for credit collectors and credit control at order entry level.
  • Multiple deliveries per order.
  • Price and Discount adjustment invoices and credit notes.
  • Multiple revenue type allocations.
  • 12 month rolling history per customer by revenue type allocations.
  • Complete inventory control with multiple warehousing and bins, supporting standard, average and FIFO costing.
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Debt Collection
  • Designed for collection agencies to control debtors book.
  • Fully integrated with general ledger.
  • Facility for upload from client data bases.
  • Allows for tracer, collection, legal & external agency departments.
  • Automatic debtor movement between departments based upon events.
  • Ability to issue demand letters, summons, acknowledgement of debt, pay on own accord, garnishee, judgement, warrant of execution.
  • Caters for payments, voids, credit memos, debit memos and additional charges.
  • Automatic handling & interest charges, payment allocation, ageing and legal letters during monthly statement run.
  • Department sequencing and allocation for debtors book.
  • Diary functions and measurements of all departments.
  • Comprehensive reporting and enquiry on all debtors, departments and debtor transactions.
  • Ability to link into credit information bureaux.
  • Facility to create payment profile update tapes for credit information queries.
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Hire / Rental
  • Designed for the tracking of rented equipment.
  • Caters for serialised, bar-coded and normal inventory.
  • Facility to deliver to site, return from site, or on-site but off-hire.
  • Multiple billing calculations.
  • Advance, arrears, initial in advance balance in arrears.
  • Ability to gross rent.
  • Comprehensive reporting and enquiries relating to equipment on hire, equipment utilisation and customer rental trends.
  • Supports multiple warehousing and multiple branches within a multi-company structure.
  • Front end source documents to ensure accurate inventory control at all stages of the cycle.
  • Allows for multiple deliveries and returns per order, multiple orders per site and multiple sites per customer.
  • Fully integrated with Ledger, Debtors, Cashbook, Creditors and Purchasing.
  • Drop shipments, sales and manufacturing.
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  • Designed for manufacturing entities requiring up to date and accurate manufacturing information without the difficulty of shop floor control.
  • Full bill of material and routings with roll-up facility (up to 7 levels).
  • Full "option bill" concept.
  • Multiple cost simulation.
  • Supports process manufacturing and job costing.
  • Tracks actual costs per job.
  • Reserve stock for a job.
  • Purchase for a job.
  • Issue on demand or backflush.
  • Comprehensive reporting and enquiring on outstanding items and status of items in the manufacturing cycle.
  • Caters for multiple warehouses and multiple factories.
  • Full integration with inventory, sales, rental, debtors, creditors, cashbook and ledger.
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  • Point-of-sale system is integrated with inventory and purchasing.
  • Integrated merchandising sub-system
  • Caters for interest-free and interest-bearing customer accounts.
  • Account payments via ACB for our South African clients.
  • Colour and size PLU/SKU stock control.
  • Revolving credit.
  • Collector sequencing for control of the credit debtors book.
  • Diary functions and measurements of the collectors.
  • Retail on-line processing or off-line via modem.
  • Strict control on available credit for sales.
  • Full stock count availability to size and colour level.
  • Bar-code reading.
  • In transit concept for stock movement between stores with a requisition, dispatch or receipt transactions enabling stock tracking.
  • Includes a petty cash module that is integrated with ledger and cash book.
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We have a user identification mechanism with 15 levels of system privileges that determine:
  • If a user may access the command line prompt (TCL).
  • Whether or not a user has access to the editor and what files may be edited.
  • What menus, and what options on each menu a user may access.
  • What fields within a screen a user may amend, may not amend or may amend if a supervisor provides and overriding password.
  • If a user is allowed multiple simultaneous logons or not.
Built into our systems is the ability to track changes made to user specified data fields. This creates an audit trail specifying what was changed, when and by whom.
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