Our History


Rina and myself started breeding bullterriers about 8 years ago. But to our disappointment nobody was prepared to sell us a show quality puppy, or there was not any available at that time. The only alternative was to contact overseas breeders and of we went to the U.K. with little money and high hopes.

We were very fortunate to buy 2 dogs on our first trip namely Ch. Geham Molly Malone of Priom which was a red smut with tremendous bone and substance who later became the mother of Ch. Priom Rosie O'Grady of Priom. Rosie then also won our Ormandy Vase ( Best bitch under 2 years in 1996).

The other dog we bought was Ch. Caveat Conan of Priom who won best puppy at Crufts the previous year in England. He then mated to Molly became the father of Rosie O' Grady. Jack as we named him had a beautiful head with just about perfect conformation plenty bone and substance. Because of politics he was not used enough and could have a great positive impact on our breed. He was also the sire of 3 more champions. One of his sons won best mover at the 1997 trophy show. There was never a nicer guy as Jack. What a loss.

Two years later we imported Geham Super Trooper of Aniro.( Charlie ) He died very tragically at a very young age but not before he sired 2 litters. He was the proud father of 1 international and 1 South African champion. Also a great loss to the breed. Our plot where we now live was named after him because we moved to this plot 1 day after he died. ( Charlies Place ).

The father of Charlie was arguably the best bullterrier of that time and was sold to an American at a enormous price ( Am. Eng. CH. Kilacabar Stand and Deliver ). He won both Silverwood in America as well as beating the Regent trophy winner on the same day. He was to old to partyticipate for the trophy. He sired however a regent Trophy winner, as the grandfather of 4 more winner and the great grandfather of 1 winner.

After Charlies tragic death we were fortunate enough to buy frozen semen from Am. Eng. CH. Kilacabar Stand and Deliver from Bill and Beckie poole where he now lives.
Three litters were born from this semen . A first in South Africa and the only up to now three years later by a bullterrier. In one litter only, by Rosie O"Grady three champions were crowned up to now.

For the last 2 years we had 7 dogs in our trophy show bred by us. We follow a strict line breeding program and up to now did not introduced any other bloodline to our breeding stock. Our record speaks for itself, of which we are obviously very proud of.
Last year 3 champions from different matings country wide were bred from us. ( just for the record ! )

Quite a number of promising youngsters are now trained for the show ring. Enough said. If you see Aniro you can be sure its good, very good.