Enterprise Architecture

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Welcome to the Enterprise Architecture international research stream. This page provides a centralised point from which academics and practitioners can access information relating to enterprise architecture.

Enterprise Architecture is an enterprise-wide, integrating framework which incorporates: business architecture (strategy, governance, organisation, process); data/information architecture; application (systems) architecture; and technology (IT) architecture.

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Overview of Enterprise Architecture

This brief overview of the topic is provided in order to focus and stimulate contributions.

Note: All the references cited in this overview can be found in "references " below.

Positioning Enterprise Architecture

Business Themes and Enterprise Architecture

The Four Dimensions of Enterprise Architecture

The Four Domains of Enterprise Architecture

The Architecture Analogy

Architecture Frameworks

John Zachman - "Concepts of Framework for Enterprise Architecture"
John Zachman - "Enterprise Architecture and Legacy Systems"

Architecture Trends

Technological Support for Architecture Development and Maintenance


The Chief Architect's Bookshelf

The Enterprise Architecture Association

Enterprise Architect's Discussion List

Join a free association of Enterprise Architects from around the world by subscribing to the Enterprise Architecture discussion list.

NB: It is very important that you put *ENTARC* in the SUBJECT of your message and SUBSCRIBE in the body of the message.

Enterprise Architect's Chat Room

Coming Soon: A real-time meeting place where architects can meet to exchange ideas, problems, and solutions.

This link is already available but is unstable at this time. Feel free to try it out. Arrange to meet a fellow architect from anywhere in the world in the chat room and solve some problems.

Research into Enterprise Architecture

In "Information Systems Management Issues in the 1990s ," MIS Quarterly, Volume 15, Number 4, December 1991, pp475-499, F Niederman, JC Brancheau , and JC Wetherbe recommend the following as a useful research theme:

"Rigorous examination of information architecture, can (1) categorize and describe techniques for creating firm-wide information architectures; (2) clarify organizational circumstances in which an information architecture is of greatest value; and (3) link initiation, development, and evaluation of information architecture to technology infrastructure requirements and to theoretical bases for predicting successful enterprise-wide application of IT. Similar research efforts might be directed at solving problems related to strategic planning and organizational alignment."

Research along these and other pertinent lines will be welcome here; particularly if they pertain to the wider field encompassed by Enterprise Architecture. Contributions can be from academics or practitioners.


Enterprise Modeling Techniques

Current and past research papers and findings.

Case studies from the field.

Related Web Sites

The Enterprise Integration Laboratory (EIL)

IFIP/IFAC Task Force on Enterprise Integration

Enterprise Integration and Modeling (Rensselaer Polytechnic)

Enterprise Wide Architecture Strategy
New York Life - Enterprise Architecture (under construction)

Enterprise Architecture: An Overview

Army Enterprise Architecture

Stanford University Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture Conference (Orlando, Dec 1997)

Enterprise Information Architecture

Directory of Data Resources

IS World - IT and Business Processes

Business Process Reengineering

Industry Reference Architectures

This section will deal with generic architectures that apply to specific industries, e.g. Insurance, Banking, Manufacturing. Vendors of Industry Reference Architectures are not precluded from contributing, but such contributions must add value to researchers and practitioners and not merely be advertising.






A list of useful references to the existing literature relating to Enterprise Architecture.

This will initially be provided in two orders: by author; and by contributor. The latter could be very interesting, e.g. one might hope to find James Brancheau's list of articles which have most influenced his thinking on Enterprise Architecture, etc. Would people be prepared to provide such lists?


By Contributor

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