Recent Projects

Ghanaian Forestry Standard.

Dr van Hensbergen was a lead assessor for the field test of the Ghanaian standard for sustainable forestry. The field test results were presented at an international stakeholder workshop in Accra in April 2000 and will lead to an agreed standard by November 2000.

Conservation Planning for the R300 extension.

Horus Wildlife Consultants recently undertook a conservation survey for the road corridor of the proposed R300 ring road extension to the north of the Cape Town metropolis.  This contract has been expanded to include participation in scoping meetings as well as providing expert  opinion on all aspects of construction and engineering.

Forest Certification Training 2000

Wildhorus Ltd and Horus Wildlife Consultants are jointly responsible for developing and managing the 2nd part of the SIDA sponsored Forest certification training programme to be held in South Africa in November 2000.

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