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:: Shu Li Detox Pouches ::
Introducing, “ Shu Li, The Detox Foot Pouch, “
With Refined Wood Vinegar

1. Introduction:

This product represents a synthesis of the art and science of several forms of healing techniques, and concepts. More specifically the action on “ The Shu Li Detox Pouch “ draws upon the practical concepts, and ideas from accupressure/reflexolgy, far infrared radiation, essential oils, research on pyroilgneous acid, crystal healing, and the use of poultices.

A Product For You, And Your Family:

Use of “The Shu Li Detox Pouch”, relieves you from tiredness, and aches. It gives you better sleep, makes you feel refreshed when you awake in the morning. Using it over a period of time promotes a feeling of overall health, with much less aches and pains in joints, and muscles. You will find that this product is particularly helpful if you are suffering from joint pains, arthritis, fatigue, or are particularly stressed.

It is an excellent addition to your health maintenance regime. This is a product that you and your family will love, regardless of age. We are confident that you will find the product a highly effective addition to help you maintain good overall health in a convenient, and practical way.

2. “The Shu Li Detox Pouch”

Our “ Shu Li Detox Pouch “ utilizes pyroligneous acid that is made from a renewable source of wood that is harvested in an environmentally friendly way. There are different grades of pyroligneous acid, extracted from different types of woods. Some are good for fertilizing the land, while others are good enough for human use. Crude pyroligneous acid is refined by fractional distillation to separate a food grade version that is suitable for use in health products. The process is specially designed, and closely monitored to ensure that harmful, or toxic by-products are eliminated completely.

We care for the conservation of out environment as much as we insist upon the high quality of our products.


• Improved circulation
• Better detoxification
• Eases aches, and pains
• Better sleep

3. The Making Of wood Vinegar (Pyroligneous Acid)

One chemical industry that was ubiquitous in earlier times (1920’s) was the wood distillation industry. The principle product after processing was a charcoal with low yields of chemical products. The wood used for distillation was air dried for 6 to 18 months. Artificial drying methods were later developed to shorten the drying time, and better control the moisture content.

During distillation, wood is placed inside an oven and heating started. When wood is heated above 270C, it begins a process of decomposition called cabonization. If air is absent, the final product is charcoal (since there is no oxygen present to react with the wood). If air, which contains oxygen is present, the wood wil catch fire, and burn when it reaches a temperature of 400-500C and the final product is wood ash.

If wood is heated away from air, moisture is first driven off, and until this is complete, the wood temperature remains at 100-110C. When the wood is dry, its temperature rises to about 270C, and it begins to spontaneously decompose, and heat is evolved. This is the well-known reaction which takes place during charcoal burning.

The first distillate (condensation from the gases) is almost entirely water and it is not until about the 4th hour that the liquor slowly darkens and contains increasing amounts of acid. The crude condensate produced from the distillation of wood is called pyroligneuos acid.

The crude pyroligneuos acid is then refined by fractional distillation to separate a food grade version that is suitable for use in health products.

3. How It Works

Our, “ Shu Li Detox Pouch” is a bag that contains a mixture of powdered ingredients. When the patch is placed in contact with the skin, and held in place over a number of hours, it will promote improved bllod circulation, and detoxification. The typical contact points on the body chosen would be the soles of the feet. However it can also be used in areas where there is discomfort, for example: shoulder, back, knee, ankle, elbow etc.

Stimulation Of Meridian points:

The concept of stimulating acupuncture points at the base of the feet, for example through reflexology massage, is well established. Meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine may be understood as channels that link various parts of the body. Stimulation of points along such meridians by the use of needles or massage will in turn generate stimulus on other organs or bodily functions that are related to that meridian.

Before and After

Far Infra Red Radiation

Our “ Shu Li Detox Pouch “, utilizes the Far Infra Red Radiation (FIR) effect of certain materials to generate that stimulus. FIR has been researched for many years in places like Japan, China, the US, and Sweden for a wide variety of conditions such as muscle sprains, strains, peripheral vascular diseases, arthritis, shoulder stiffness, menstrual pains etc. One effect of FIR is that it may replicate a cardiovascular training effect even with people confined to a wheel chair, and are therefore unable to exercise in the conventional way. Some research has even suggested the idea that Infra Red stimulation of the cardiovascular system could be a possible means of maintaining cardiovascular conditioning in astronauts during long space flights.

Safe, And Effective

Our “ Shu Li Detox Pouch “ uses a special powderized, purified, aged pyroligneous acid that is free of harmful substances such as methanol, and phenols. The powderized wood vinegar is made from a 50% mixture of pure wood vinegar. This is a higher concentration then the norm, which is generally 10-30-5 wood vinegar by weight when powderized, thus providing a higher level, as well as longer lasting healing effect.

Effect That Lasts

We have designed the product for an overall longer lasting effect. Generally the effect from the Shu Li Detox Pouch, ceases when all of the powder in the bag has absorbed moisture. The quantity of powder in each bag is very high. It contains 5grams of refined wood vinegar, and other high quality ingredients. With the use of a more absorbent bag material, each pouch will normally remain effective for at least 7 hours in use. After effective absorption of toxins, and moisture from the body has occurred, the particles within the pouch turn into a deep brown color, and the pouch hardens somewhat.

Seeing, Is Believing

The effect of improved circulation is better viewed through a special thermal-imaging camera. The pictures show an effect after 4 hours of use. Using such a device, we are able to see a significant improvement in circulation only 4 hours. Photo available showing color changes indicative of circulation increase.


For overall health, use the pouches on the soles of the feet at night before retiring. Pouches may also be applied to shoulders, or joints where there is discomfort. For maximum utilization, and benefit keep pouches on for at least 7 hours. You may use the pouches in the daytime for more efficient relief of discomfort.

Directions: Place as desired.

Place the pouch bag containing powder with printed side facing the sticky surface of the enclosed plaster sheet. Apply to the desired location. The powder in the pouch bag will turn a deeper brown color after use, and have a sticky texture.

On certain parts of the body, you may find that even after several hours in use, the color of the powders in the bag remains unchanged. This is entirely normal, and there is still benefit from the FIR effect from placing the pouch on the desired location.

Contents: Doubled Distilled Wood Vinegar, (50%) Tourmaline, Germanium
Weight: 5 Grams

Shu Li Detox Pouch FAQ
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