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:: New Silver Solution WATER TREATMENT TESTS ::

FROM: Bill Dodds

TO: Gerard Yates

RE: NEW Silver Solution water tests


I collected 500 ml of raw (Provo River water) sample and inoculated the sample with 2 loops (3mm) of Klebsiella oxtyoca. Using the membrane filter technique for total coliform, five 100 ml of aliquots of the sample were filtered.

Number 1 was spiked with a .10 mg/l concentration of silver solution. Number 2 was spiked with a .20 mg/l concentration of silver solution. Numbers 3 and 4 were each spiked with a .50 mg/l concentration of silver solution. A positive control of 100 ml was used without silver addition.

A 1.5 minute contact time was allowed on sample 1 before filtering. A 2 minute contact time was used on sample 2. A 10 minute contact time was used for samples 3 and 4.

The filters were incubated at 35 C for 24 hours.

RESULTS: The positive control = 705 cfu/100 ml. Samples 1 thru 4 contained 0 cfu/100 ml.

William J. Dodds
Lab Director


TO: American Silver
FROM: Gerard Yates

CONCLUSION: The NEW Silver Solution effectively killed all colony forming units (bacteria) in a spiked raw river water sample containing a 0.10 ppm concentration of NEW Silver Solution in 1.5 minutes of contact.

Note: The NEW Silver Solution was not removed from the water sample prior to filtration. Therefore The NEW Silver Solution residual on the membrane filter may have inhibited growth during incubation.

Gerard Yates

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