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The following information shows that The NEW Silver Solution® effectively killed each of the bacteria it was tested against at low concentration levels … something that the antibiotics generally could not claim. Testing has shown that The NEW Silver Solution® is likely to work well at low concentrations against a broad range of bacteria that would normally be considered drug resistant.


Microbiology Department
Brigham Young University
775 WIDB
P.O. Box 25253
Provo , Utah 84602-5253

October 15, 1999

To: American Silver, LLC
From: David Revelli
Brigham Young University

The following page contains data from seven strains of potentially pathogenic bacteria. They are the same strains that have been tested in Minimum Inhibitory Concentration tests (MIC) against The NEW Silver Solution. This data contains, along with the data on The NEW Silver Solution, MIC's performed on each bacteria versus representative of five different classes of antibiotics. These tests were performed to ascertain the relative antimicrobial activity of The NEW Silver Solution when compared to other antibiotics. As the data suggests, The NEW Silver Solution has a greater ability on average to kill the bacteria tested than four of the five antibiotics to which it was compared. Each antibiotic has its own niche to fill, but not one of the antibiotics tested work equally well on every bacterial strain that it was tested against, The NEW Silver Solution had similar results for each bacteria - it was able to kill each bacteria tested. Furthermore, there are antibiotic-resistant strains that may or may not succumb to a given antibiotic. This is where The NEW Silver Solution data comes in - although The NEW Silver Solution may not have inhibited a strain of bacteria at a lower concentration than a given antibiotic, it inhibited every strain of bacteria tested, which is more than can be suggested for some of the other antibiotics, given the data.

Minimum Inhibitory Concentration of Antibiotics from Five Different Classes versus The NEW Solution performed by D. Revelli, Brigham Young University

Bacteria Tested tetracycline ofloxacin penicillin G cefaperazone erythromycin NEW
E.coli B 1.67+-0.59/>5/3 0.104+-0.037/0.130+-0.037/3 No Inh /3 .625/.625/3 5/>5/3 2.5/2.5/3
E. aerogenes 2.5/>5/3 0.078/0.104+-0.037/3 No Inh /3 2.92+-1.56/>5/3 No inh /3 2.5/2.5/3
E. cloacae 1.67+-0.59/>5/3 .156-.156/3 No Inh /3 No Inh /3 No inh /3 2.5/5/3
E. typhimurium 1.25/>5/3 0.078/>5/3 No Inh /3 1.25/>5/3 5/>5/3 2.5/5/3
P. aeruginosa 0.078/>5/3 0.156/0.313/3 0.130+-0.037/>5/3 2.5/>5/3 2.5/>5/3 1.7+-0.7/5/3
S. gordonii 0.156/>5/3 2.5/5/3 0.012+-0.005/0.026+-0.009/3 1.25/>2.5/3 .005/0.012+-0.005/3 2.5/10/3
S. aureus 0.313/>5/3 0.313+-0.18/0.625/3/td> 2.5/>5/3 5/>5/3 0.039/>5/3 5/10/3

The average was taken from all data points to obtain the average minimum inhibitory concentration for an antibiotic. Then a standard deviation was determined to give an error. All concentrations were calculated in parts per million (ug/ml). The abbreviation "no inh," stands for "No inhibition of growth." And ">" means that the measurement of the bacteriocidal concentration was beyond the limits of the test. Information is listed as "MIC (level at which bacteria was inhibited)/MBC (level at which bacteria were killed)/number of tests performed."

David A. Revelli
Brigham Young University

Dr. Ron W. Leavitt , Ph.D.
Professor of Microbiology/Molecular Biology
Brigham Young University ”

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