8:50am, Sunday, 24th February 2002... (late as usual!) Craig, Gill and I jumped into a little red Golf, laden with diving gear and raced to the V&A Waterfront Aquarium....  After a quick dash through to the reception, dragging gear and nerves, Craig made his way up to the Predator tank for an early morning dive with the man-eaters....

Gill and I went into the Aquarium to get the best seats in front of the shark tank.  Our hearts dropped to our feet at the sight of the 5 BIG sharks - and this was US behind the safety of the glass!  With warning not to wave his hands around too much Craig made a splash into view.  All this was accomplished without a near fin-slapping of a shark in the face - like one of his dive partners!

Craig: "As I descended into the murky, shark infested waters, I realized that I really was no match for these awesome creatures.  Keeping to myself and hugging the rock walls in the tank, I had an incredible time watching these predators glide past within inches of my face!   WOW!"

After 40 minutes the divers made their way out of the tank.  At last!  We could all breathe easier. All this said, Gill and I enjoyed watching Craig as much as he enjoyed the dive.  - Lindsay

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1 x Male Shark....waiting for Craig... Yum, yum yellow - Craig's feet appear
Craig (orange BC and yellow fins) starts his decent into the tank. Standing on a rock at the bottom with some of the other fish.
Letting mom and girlfriend know he's okay! One of the smaller five
Checking out a big female I've got big teeth too!
I was quite glad that there was a thick layer of glass between us! Taking it easy at the bottom with a huge shark above
Gill "swimming" with a shark Lindsay