This is the Apple Tour - it is held every year 1 week after the Pick n Pay Argus. It is a great tour - 200km's in 2 days.

Day 1
The tour starts at Bellville Civic Centre,goes through to Stellenbosch, up HellsHoogte and down the other side into Franshoek. This is were locals provide a scrumptious lunch. From there it is a grueling climb up 10km's of tarmac to the top of Franshoek pass. At the top of the pass you can relax and drink some natural clear spring water provided by nature.
As you go screaming down the back end of the pass you can take time out to look in the incredible views. The last section of the day is a 15-20km slog though the countryside to Villiersdorp. You are not done yet though - there is a 1km sting the tale - a climb to the camp that makes you want to cry.
At the camp you get to swim and relax and repair both bikes and body! Tea and supper is provided once again by the locals and they really do give it all they have. Their meals are one of the best that I have come across. The atmosphere is one of togetherness and fun. People do this tour so that they can relax and be with others who enjoy the pleasures of cycling and nature.

Day 2
An early wake-up call on the cards as all the "serious" cyclists get ready to get going for the last 100km's. You get up, get dressed and walk to the food hall for some "Boere kos" and tea/coffee. The start is great - downhill for 1km - then it is basically all uphill from there as you go back over the Teewater dam and head off into the mountains in search of Grabou and the climb up Sir Lowry's Pass. As you ride through the beautiful countryside and experience all the wonderfull sites and sounds and smells, you realise just how lucky we are. 40kms later you get to THE ORCHARD - the last refuge before the climb up Sir Lowry's. After a good brunch and a breather - we tackle it. The going is hard and hot and the smiles are HUGE when we finally reach the top. Another breather and then a fast and carefull downhill with speeds reaching over 100km/h. This is where the ride gets even more tough - the last 20-30mk's are made in the midday heat and uphill all the way back to Bellville. The ride is tough, beautiful and well worth it. Full marks to all those who organise and run it.

These are the pics of those that are mad enough to do it and enjoy it :)

Lindsay at Helshoogte Lindsay at Helshoogte Craig at Helshoogte
Lindsay at Le Pommier Le Pommier Lindsay at Le Pommier
Lindsay at Le Pommier Lindsay at Teewater Lindsay at Teewater
Craig at Teewater Craig Chilling... Lindsay Chilling...
Mom Chilling... The pool - hmm... Packing the campsite up
More of the campsite Lindsay and the hills... All the apples
Top of Sir Lowry's - At last! Just look at that view! Been there done that!
Speeding down Sir Lowry's Cruising in like a pro!