Please note the following important terms and conditions of the licence-agreement before making any payments:

 1. The licence-key you will be issued with is linked to a particular hard disk serial number.  At the current price of the licence-key it is not possible to issue replacement licence-keys. If the hard disk serial number changes for any  reason (e.g. if you format the hard drive, change the hard drive or wish to transfer the installation to a new machine), the licence-key will no longer be valid and you will need to purchase a new licence-key.
 2. With the purchase of a licence-key you are not "buying the software" or a buying licence in perpetuity - you are purchasing a licence to use the software on a particular computer with a particular hard disk serial number.

 3. Whilst every care has gone into the production of this software, it is provided "as is", and we make no warranties whatsoever as to its usefulness, accuracy, reliability or suitability to purpose. In particular, we will in no way be held responsible for any problems suffered or losses incurred through its use. You use the software entirely at your own risk.

 4. ShopAssist® is distributed as inexpensive shareware  and does not  come with support - the only exceptions to this being the support surrounding the registration process and bug reports.

 5. Your purchase of the licence-key implies full acceptance of the terms and conditions of the licence-agreement.