Installation Instructions

  1. Download the file '' from our website by clicking one of the download links on our home page.
  2. Move or copy the Zip file to a temporary directory.
  3. Unzip the file using Winzip, Pkzip, or similar program. ( If you are unable to do this or do not posses the necessary programs to do so, please e-mail us and we will supply the necessary information/tools).
  4. Amongst the unzipped files there will be an executable file called Setup.exe. Run this program, and all the necessary files will be installed in the 'c:\sa\' directory of your hard drive.

  5. After the software has been successfully installed you may delete any files remaining in the temporary directory from which the installation was made. You may wish to keep the zip file as a backup.

       Follow the same procedure to install the upgrades.

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