Welcome to the ShopAssist® Home Page.

  ShopAssist® is a modern, user-friendly, Windows®-based point of sale system for all types of business.

ShopAssist® includes the following functionality:

    In addition to the above, ShopAssist® also features:

  ShopAssist® is fully customizable. Use only the modules you require.

Minimum System Requirements  
  Pentium computer running Windows® 95, 98, NT4, ME, 2000 or XP
  32 Mb memory
  Graphics-capable printer

  Click one of the links below to download a fully functional version of ShopAssist® (Version 4.65)  (16.40 Mb). Note that until registered, ShopAssist® will display a nag screen at start-up, and at random intervals when it has been used sixty times or more.
  Download Site 1
  Download Site 2

  We encourage you to keep up to date with the latest version of our software.
  If you are using an earlier version, click one of the links below to download an upgrade to Version 4.69 (6.20 Mb).
  Download Site 1 (Upgrade)
  Download Site 2 (Upgrade)

  Click here for upgrade details.  
  Note that this is a program update only - a previous full install of Version 4.00 or higher is required.
All your existing data will be preserved.

 US $149.00  - Registration only. 
 US $199.00  - Registration, with limited support.
 US $249.00  - Registration, with full support.

 The above are once-off payments per terminal. 
 Registration removes the nag screens, and entitles you, where applicable, to support by e-mail or phone.

 Click here to pay on-line for registration-only option.
 Click here to pay on-line for limited-support option.
 Click here to pay on-line for full support option.

Contact Details
 E-mail : Ivan Smith   mwivansm@iafrica.com  or :shopassist@hotmail.com
 International :  +27833488859
 South Africa : 0833488859
 Mail :  ISC Point of Sale Systems,
              P.O. Box 16650,
                 South Africa

 Please bookmark this website and visit us regularly for updates.

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Last update 2nd June 2004