Dan Ajelo Daniel Ajello has just turned 6 years old. The only son of Vas and Shirley Ajello, Daniel is also a loving brother to his 16 month old sister, Lara. A bright, energetic and engaging young boy, Daniel does not let much stifle his enjoyment of life. Not even the fact that he has only one complete limb.

Born after a normal and uneventful pregnancy, Daniel's multiple limb deficiencies were completely unexpected. Despite various tests and investigations, the cause of these limb deficiencies remains unknown.

 Dan Ajelo
Daniel's strong left hand has learnt to compensate for his missing right hand, and he manages most daily tasks with relative ease.
(taken at 6 years old)
 Dan Ajelo
 Dan Ajelo As his left leg ends at the knee and his right leg at the ankle, Daniel needs a pair of artificial legs in order to walk. These legs were first fitted when Daniel was 13 months old.

Being the determined person he is, Dan was walking independently on these legs at 20 months old.

 Dan Ajelo Since then Daniel has had 5 other pairs of legs fitted. These legs have to be made in South Africa, as prosthetic facilities in Zimbabwe are inadequate for Daniel's particular needs. This involves travelling at least twice yearly to South Africa to have the legs fitted, and for the necessary check-ups and adjustments to be made. This is likely to continue until Daniel stops growing at around 20 years old. Two years ago Daniel had a special "Child's Play " knee fitted which has considerably improved his gait and mobility.
Daniel has integrated well into the ordinary school system. At 3 and 4 years old he attended a nursery school where, along with the other children, he would climb the jungle gyms, play on the slides, and generally partake in all activities. During these years Dan particularly enjoyed horse-riding lessons, as he was very much a "cowboy" at this stage!
 Dan Ajelo
 Dan Ajelo
 Dan Ajelo
January 1999 saw Daniel start Grade 1 at a local primary school. His school report reflects his level of integration and progress. His teacher writes:
" Daniel is a bright, happy member of the class who thrives on encouragement. He is always eager to participate in various activities"
these activities include class gym,
 Dan Ajelo
After the school's annual sponsored walk, Daniel was presented with a special shield for raising the most money for the school. In fact, this was the first time Dan walked 3 km without a break!

His extra-mural activities include computer and tennis lessons.

 Dan Ajelo
Bicycle riding has recently become a firm favourite as Dan enjoys a new found independence and mobility on wheels! Having asked for roller skates for his 6th birthday, he is working on mastering that skill too!
 Dan Ajelo
As parents, we are proud of the way Dan has faced and overcome the challenges presented to him so far. We are confident too, that his determination, tenacity and above all, his irrepressible enthusiasm for life, will see him through the many challenges yet to come.
 Dan Ajelo
The cost of providing Dan with what he needs has escalated, and will continue to do so as Dan grows. This cost is more than an ordinary family can manage, and financial assistance is needed for Dan to continue to progress.
 Dan Ajelo
Below is a summary of the costs of Daniel's leg prostheses to date. A prosthesis for his right arm has not yet been considered.
Nov. 1994 S. Kritzinger (Cape Town) R11 192.94
Feb. 1995 S. Kritzinger R14 601.90
Dec. 1996 R. Knight (Port Elizabeth) R11 232.88
Dec. 1997 R. Knight R20 200.00
Dec. 1998 R. Knight R28 207.20
Aug. 1999 E. Porter (Johannesburg) R21 760.00
These costs are for prosthetic services and components only, and do not include travel expenses or the cost of staying in South Africa while Dan's legs are being fitted.

Smaller bills for additional componentry sent between prosthetic visits have not been included.

Where possible componentry is transferred from an 'old' leg to the new one. This is to keep costs to a minimum whilst still providing a high quality product. It is also not always possible to do this as regards changing foot size for example.

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