This internationally recognised qualification is strongly favoured by the local hospitality industry

Higher Diploma

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The programme is aimed at 18 to 23 year olds, especially recent school leavers.   As a general guide, the preferred entry qualification for the programme is a Matric exemption (or international equivalent) with Mathematics and English.   The Hotel School will, however, accept candidates with lesser qualifications based on each individual’s entry interview test and personality.

The higher Diploma programme takes the student through the basic craft skills, and subsequently, the management skills necessary to prepare the student for this dynamic and growing industry.   With equal emphasis placed on both academic and practical endeavours, this internationally recognised qualification is strongly favoured by the local hospitality industry.

On completion of the 3-year programme, students will be able to demonstrate a strong level of competence in all of the basic craft skills needed by the Industry, and have a thorough understanding of the pillars of modern hospitality management; accounting, marketing, human resources, computers and communication. In addition, students will be able to demonstrate the commercial awareness and maturity needed to succeed in a junior management position at home or abroad.

During years 1 and 2, the core subjects of Accommodation Services and Food and Beverage Management are covered in depth.

Year 3, the student can choose from a number of electives which reflect their own interests.   Current choices available are Hotel Management, Game Lodge Operations, Sport and Country Club Management, Travel and Tourism and Culinary Studies.


Business Management 

Each years subjects such as communications, accounting, human resources management and computers are presented to compliment the core and elective subjects.

Practical Training

From its inception, the School has been strong at producing diplomats with the practical skills to lead with confidence.   50% of each year is comprised of practical training with top 4 and 5 star businesses where a culture of hospitality and internationally benchmarked standards are the norm.



Years 1 & 2

Academic Subjects:

(Food and Beverage Management)

  • Quality Sanitation

  • Food and Beverage Management

  • Food and Beverage Control

  • Managing Bar and Beverage

  • Food and Beverage Service

  • Food Production

  • Food and Beverage Software

(Accommodation Services)

  • Front Office Procedures

  • Housekeeping Management

  • Security Management

  • Computers

  • Guest Care

  • Accommodation Software

Practical Subjects:

(Food and Beverage Management)

  • Food Production

  • Food & Beverage Service

  • Banqueting

  • Stores Purchasing

(Accommodation Services)

  • Housekeeping

  • Reception / Cashiers

  • Switchboard

  • Porter / Security

Business Management Subjects

(1st Year)

  • Basic Bookkeeping 

  • Computers Introduction

  • Communications I

  • Occupational Safety I

  • Business Management I

(2nd Year)

  • Intermediate Bookkeeping

  • Computers II

  • Communications II & III

  • Labour Relations

  • Training

  • Business Management II

Year 3

Academic Subjects:

Sport and Country Club

  • Club Management

  • Turf Grass Management

  • Sports Management

Game Lodge Management

  • Hospitality in the Bush

  • Tourism & Conservation

  • Field Guide Training

Culinary Studies

  • Food Production II

  • Nutrition

  • F & F Control

  • International Cuisine

Travel & Tourism

  • Tour Guiding

  • Ticketing & Reservations


  • Language

Hotel Management

  • International Hotel Management

  • Resort Management

Practical Subjects:

In Top Local Clubs

  • Hospitality Departments

  • Grounds & Exterior

  • Sports Management

In Bushveld Operation

  • Hospitality Guiding

  • Land Management

  • Conservation

In Upscale Hotel or Restaurants

  • Advanced Food Production

  • Larder Pastry

  • Butchery

  • Main Kitchen

  • Office & Sales experience within retail or wholesale travel or airline.

  • Duty Management

  • Accounts

  • H.R. 

  • Supervisor 

  • Sales & Marketing

Business Management Subjects

  • Financial Accounts

  • Communications III

  • Labour Relations I & II

  • Business Management III

  • Dissertation

  • Facilities

Enrolment Requirements:  Full time 

The International Hotel School looks for students of high calibre, who have the “right stuff” to make it in the tough hospitality industry.   Preference is given to students with a matric certificate, with an average grade of not less than 55% who have good language and communications skills.   Good interpersonal skills are an added requirement, and practical experience within the industry will be advantageous.

Applicants undergo a thorough screening procedure including interviews, assessments and psychometric evaluations before being accepted into the school.   Should you wish to apply, please complete the enclosed application form, and return it to us along with the following:

  • Copies of school certificates and reports for both Grade 11 & 12
  • Two passport or ID sized photographs
  • Copies of two references reflecting personal abilities, achievements, social and interpersonal traits.
  • R 100-00 entrance examination fee.

Successful applicants will be offered places in writing  -  normally within 2 weeks of the final interview.   Acceptance in writing – plus signature of contracts if requested  -  and submission of a R400 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your place.



  • The required pass mark for all internal and external subjects as well as for practical work experience is 70%.

  • In terms of our international qualification requirements, all students must attend at least 90% of all academic lectures and practical work experience shifts.

  • The IHS Uniform is to be worn at all times during lectures and practical training. In some departments of the hotel, specialist uniforms will be issued.


Financial Assistance:

Since achieving registration with the Department of Education, most of the high street banks will entertain offering student loans to existing clients and their immediate family.   You may request a Student Loan Application Form from IHS, which you will need to complete and return to us.   The bank will only process your application for a loan on receipt of an acceptance letter from us.   Factors that the bank takes into consideration are your academic results, credit history, surety and financial records and any fixed assets, which are used as collateral against the loan.  The International School will forward completed forms to the bank on your behalf – this will ensure it goes to the right person and their response will be given within two weeks.   The Student, Parents and/or Sponsor may be requested to meet with bank officials.   Payment will be made directly by the bank to the International Hotel School.

Terms of the loan:
  • May be taken out for 12 to 36 months depending on the course duration.

  • The term of the loan is usually twice that of the course duration.

  • While still studying, only the interest is paid monthly by the student / parent / sponsor.

  • Repayment of Capital only commences once the student graduates.

  • Interest rates vary but are generally prime or lower.

  • If the student fails, the loan becomes immediately fully repayable.

Accommodation:   (Durban only)

  • Optional accommodation is available on the premises at The Royal Hotel at an additional cost. The current cost is R1,550-00 per month but there should be an increase in 2002.

  • Dependent on availability, single rooms are offered at a cost of R2,100-00. Again, there should be an increase in 2002.

  • Accommodation provided in a twin room sharing with private bathroom en-suite. Senior students are given preference regarding the larger rooms.

  • All rooms are fully furnished and include a TV.

  • All meals will be provided in the canteen (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

  • A laundry area is available for students’ use.· Public telephones are provided for student use.

  • A student lounge is available for relaxation, playing pool, visitors and group study.

  • Tea and Coffee making facilities are available in the lounge.

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