Our students conduct themselves with the pride, honour, professionalism and comradeship


The International Hotel School's Graduates are by far our greatest assets, and it is due to them that the school has developed such a positive name in the industry.

We are continuously reminded of the fact that they are amongst the most capable and talented individuals presently working in the hospitality industry world-wide.  This is not an opinion that we make ourselves, but is the opinion of the many hotel managers who keep us informed of our past students' progress, of the many hoteliers who regularly approach us looking for staff to employ in their properties, and of the past students themselves.  It is perhaps they who have the best measure of comparison in that they are constantly in contact with employees and graduates of other institutions.

Wherever they find themselves after leaving us, our students conduct themselves with the pride, honour, professionalism and comradeship that is only possible to develop in a School such as IHS.

In a continuous effort to highlight the success of our graduates, we have begun to compile this listing of past students.  Additionally, we hope that the past students themselves will find this list helpful in their efforts to maintain contact with each other.  Obviously, the lists should be considered a "work in progress", as the information in them is constantly changing and being updated.

This area of the site will also continue to grow over time with the eventual inclusion of photographs of the various students and student groups, e-mail details and other items of information being added gradually.  We also hope to use this section of the site to keep students (both past and present) informed about their alma mater and about their fellow students.

To find details about a specific group of Graduates, please follow the appropriate link  below or click on the thumbnail image to access their group photograph.



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