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Leave us a brief note in the Visitors' Book telling us who you are, where you are, and what you've been up to.  We are trying to link as many of our site visitors together as possible, and it really won't take much time to do - so go on!!

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IHS Web Discussion Board

The Discussion Board is here for you to use - so use it!!  Anything goes, but in case you're unsure of what to post, or how to post to the Board, read the Instructions and the Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.   Otherwise, go type already!!

You'll feel a whole lot better about life once you have!

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Discussion Board Instructions

Using the Board is quite simple:

To read any message posted previously, simply click on the message subject.  This will open the full text of the message.  If you would like to post a reply or add your opinion about the subject of the message, simply click on the "POST REPLY" button from there.  This will launch a message form that will automatically include the existing message to which you are replying.  You can delete the original text, but if you do retain it in your reply, please type your reply above the original text.  This makes it a lot easier for others to follow the discussion threads.

Click on the "POST NEW MESSAGE" button in the main Discussion Board area if you want to leave a note about a new topic or to start a totally new discussion point.

If a message poster leaves an e-mail address, you can reply directly to that person (via private e-mail) by simply clicking on the presons' name.  This will alunch your meil application automatically.

This is a very public area of the site, so please be wary of the language you use - we might well have little guests checking-in to it every now and then.  Also, whilst any and every topic under the sun may make a good discussion point, and whilst we do welcome any and all of your thoughts and opinions, The School will withdraw any and all postings that it deems inappropriate.  If you have something to say, say it.  Just say it politely!

Okay, enough talk - go type!

(For those of you struggling with that big word:  "Inappropriate postings" are those that are abusive, slanderous, inflammatory, or offensive!  Play nicely here please!)

Access the Discussion Board



By entering to the IHS Discussion Board (IHSDB), it is assumed that you have read this disclaimer, and agree to its' content.

The IHSDB is a public area of its' Web Site.  As such, the viewpoints, opinions, comments and remarks left on the IHSDB should not in any way be construed as, or misinterpreted as, or otherwise assumed to be, or considered representative of, the viewpoints or opinions of The International Hotel School, its' Directors, Management, Faculty, Staff, Students, Agents, Suppliers, Sponsors, Parents of Students, etc.  The School can not be held responsible for the content of the IHSDB, or of the opinions expressed on it.  The School reserves the right to withdraw any or all posted comments to the IHSDB without notice, reason or warning, should it feel that these comments are in any way inappropriate for the site, at its' discretion.



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