Quantity of seed in a packet?

The size and weight os different seed varies enormously and the amount of effort or cost involved in obtaining, collecting, and cleaning it also varies - therefor the amount of seed in a packet will vary.  Some packets will have a lot of seed, while others containing seed which is difficult or expensive to get, will have fever seeds.  Very fine seed may look a little but will often give hundreds of plants!  We put as much as we can in each packet, it is always more than enough for the average home-gardener.  For people who want to buy seed in larger quantities, though we simply cannot afford to stock large quantities of everything just in case someone might want a lot of it, there are some seeds which we collect that we do have large amounts of, so please ask about this.  We can also usually order larger quantities for you if you ask in time, phone or fax your request and we will come back to you with a quote, we will then order the seed after payment has been made, order at least two months in advance of when you will be sowing the seed.

There are so many variables that contribute to successful germination; temperature (average + range of day/night fluctuation), humidity, soil chemistry, soil texture & density, water (quality & quantity), all play a part.  All this makes Sowing Seed so exciting, success so satisfying - ALWAYS keep some of the seed in each packet to try again under different conditions.  Yvette’s book “Sowing Seed & So On” will help a lot and you can still order it and her other books through this catalogue (page 11).  Please let us know if you have a problem with any of the seed and we will do our best to help you, to those who write in and give us many good as well as the very few bad reports!

We are still looking for people who collect enough seed for us to add to the catalogue, please send us a small sample and we will test it & then negotiate with you.  Importing seed is terribly expensive now and locally grown seed is usually better acclimatised.

 Care of your seed

_ Seed is a precious and intricate living organism and should be treated with care.
_ Store it in a dark & cool place.
_ Sow it as soon as possible.
 _ Sow it under cover and protected from wind & animals but with enough light and fresh air circulation for it to grow well.
_ Take the trouble to find out what conditions the seed needs for germination and the plant needs for growth.
_ Every seed is different and while some will grow no matter what you do, most have special needs.

Southern Cape Herbarium

In 1997 the Wildflower Show in October included a much admired display by the Garden Route Herb Club of mostly indigenous medicinal herbs and remedies etc.  For the 1998 Show we hope to do a bigger and better display as three of the garden Route Herb Club meetings will be held in George at the Herbarium in 1998 so that interested people in the George and Mossel Bay areas can attend more easily.  Please contact Jayne Fearon at 0445-4873 for more details and dates.

We have planted up the beginnings of the Ethnobotanical / Medicinal Herb Garden behind the George Museum and are working on the booklet to go with it.  Please call in at the Museum and come and visit us in the Herbarium if you are in George.


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