Welcome to our 1998 Catalogue

Please note - new address again! Sorry!

Welcome to Meryl Weaver who has taken over the seed administration in 1998.  Stephen had much to contend with last year and is moving to Uniondale this year where he will farm bees and grow seed for us.  Meryl used to live near Yvette outside Grahamstown, & has been growing and using herbs for many years.  She helped Yvette with some Blackwoods Herbs Courses and has long wanted to get more involved with the seeds.  We apologise for the disruption all this chopping and changing has caused and hope that things will go smoothly from now on!

Yvette is going to continue to collect and order seed and help out with advice when needed.  There is such a demand for seed now that it is really too much for one person to handle everything.  She is also involved with the Southern Cape Herbarium which is time consuming but extremely rewarding.  The Herbarium is running some Herbal courses this year, please let us know if you are interested?

This catalogue is shorter than last years - BUT PLEASE send a stamped and addressed envelope and we will send you a supplementary list mid-year.  Things are a little unsettled right now.  Meryl needs time to get the hang of things and we need to test seed, collect lots and order more.  Please be understanding and we apologise if some of the seed you need is not on the list yet!

Please let us know about anything you particularly need and also any seed you can offer us.


_ Please Do not put cash or uncrossed postal orders in the post.
_  We do not send COD so please always put cheque (or photostat of deposit slip) in with the order.
_ Please note that postal orders cost so much to trace if  lost that it is hardly worth using them anymore!  Always cross them if you do and write Blackwoods Herbs on them AND keep the stubs!!
_ Please keep duplicate copies of your orders in case they are lost in post.
_ If seed has not arrived 5 weeks after posting the order, please check your bank statements FIRST to see if the cheque has been banked and where, then contact us, it has probably got lost in the post, either way!
_ Urgent orders can be faxed to us with the copy of your bank deposit slip.  Please phone for info on bank account etc.
_ Please make sure your name and address are clearly written in the order form and not only on the back of the envelope!
_ Please notify us of any change address.
_ Please add insurance costs on to your order forms if your order is larger than you are willing to lose! (Probably about R60?) Not many orders go astray but some definitely do and we cannot trace them nor be responsible for losses in the post unless they are covered by insurance.

Basic Herbs - R5,00 per packet

Culinary and/or Medicinal plants - essential for every herb garden.  These are all very straight forward to grow.  Sow in seed trays or in situ at any time of the year in temperate areas.  Sow Annuals in Autumn in warm areas, early in Spring in frosty areas.

A1 YARROW - Achillea millefolium - White/pink flws, ground cover M P T _ ?

A3 ANISE HYSSOP - Agastache foeniculum - very pretty, mauve flws, scented

B1 BORAGE - Borago officinalis - full of vitamins & minerals, blue flws

C1 CALENDULA - Calendula officinalis - “Marigold”, substitute for Arnica

C2 CELANDINE, GREATER - Chelidonium majus - yellow flws, pretty leaves

C4 CHAMOMILE, GERMAN - Chamomilla recutita - for hair & tea

C5 CHAMOMILE, ROMAN/LAWN - Chamaemelum nobilis - ground cover

E1 EVENING PRIMROSE, YELLOW - Large bush, showy, self-sows

F2 FEVERFEW - Tanacetum parthenium - white daisies, pretty, self-sows

H2 HOREHOUND - Marrubium vulgaris - grey crinkeld lvs, self sows

H3 HYSSOP, BLUE - Hyssopus officinalis - pretty, good drainage, rich soil

L1 LEMON BALM - Melissa officinalis - spreading like mint, fragrant lvs

M1 MALLOW, TREE - Lavatera arborea - pretty mauve flws

M2 MARJORAM, SWEET - Origanum marjorana - good hardy strain

M3 MARJORAM, WILD - Origanum vulgaris - dark pink flws

N1 NETTLE, STINGING - Urtica urens - very useful plant, vitamins & minerals

*N2 NETTLE, STINGING - Urtica doica - as above but bigger plant

P2 PRUNELLA, SELF HEAL - Prunella vulgaris - good ground cover

P7 PYRETHRUM - Pyrethrum cinararifolium - white flws, insecticidal

R1 RUE - Ruta graveolens - blue-green lvs, interesting scent, insecticidal

R2 ROSEMARY - Rosmarinus officinalis - bright blue flws, large shrub

 R4 ROSEMARY, mixed cols - Rosmarinus officinalis cv - pink, white, blue flws

S3 SAVORY, WINTER - Satureja montana - neat green mound, white flws

T1 THYME, COMMON - Thymus vulgaris - essential in herb garden

T2 TANSY - Tanacetum vulgare - Good greens

V2 VERVIAN - Verbena officinalis - small pink flws,  self-sows, weedy

V1 VALERIAN - Valeriana officinalis - Large lvs, delicate pink/white flws

 Special seed, unusual & rare Herbs - R5,00 per pkt

SA6 Agastache rugosa - KOREAN MINT - Aromatic, purple flws

SA6a Agastache rugosa “Alba” - KOREAN MINT, WHITE - aromatic, pretty

SA9 Alchemilla mollis, improved strain “Auslese” - LADIES MANTLE - as above

SA9b Alchemilla mollis “Saxatilis” - LADIES MANTLE - very pretty

SA9c Alchemilla mollis “Thriller” - LADIES MANTLE - good strain

SA10 Althaea officinalis - MARSH MALLOW - Pink flws, medium bush

SA16a Arnica chamissonis - ARNICA - easier to grow than A. montana, same uses

SA16b Arnica amplexicaulis - easier to grow than A. montana, same uses

ST4 Thymus pulegioides - BROAD LEAF THYME - Aromatic bushes

*ST5 Tagetes minute - TARRAGON MARIGOLD - small fine lvs strong tarragon taste

*ST6 Tamarindus indicus - TAMARIND - Attractive large tree, fruit used as flavouring

SV2 Vitex agnus castus - CHASTE TREE - attractive small tree for women’s ailments

SA17 Artemisia absinthium - COMMON WORMWOOD - Grey ground cover

SA20 Acinos alpinus (Satureja alpina) - CALAMINT THYME - pretty aromatic

SA21 Agrimonia eupatoria - AGRIMONY - slender plant with very adhesive seeds! Dye

SC12 Cassia angustifolia - SENNA - Pods used as a laxative

SC14a Cymbopogon martinii - PALMAROSA - pot-pourri & essential oil

*SC14b Cymbopogon flexuos - LEMON GRASS - Citronella oil & flavouring

 SC15 Clinopodius vulgare - BASILWEED - aromic tea

*SD2 Dracocephalum moldavicum - TURKISH MELISSA - pretty lurplish flws good scent

SE1 Echinaceae purpurea - CONE FLOWER - Big dusty pink daisies,immuno stimulate

*SE2 Echinacea angustifolia - CONE FLOWER - similar to above,narrower leaves

SE4 Eringium planum - SEA HOLLY - Fascinating metallic blue flws & stalks

SE7 Ephedra nevadensis - EHPEDRA - strange prehistoric looking,Chinese cure

SF1 Filipendula ulmaria - MEADOWSWEET - White spires of  foamy flws

SG1 Galega officinalis - GOAT’S RUE - White & pink flws on large rosette lvs

SG2 Galium odorata - SWEET WOODRUFF - dainty groundcover,pot-pourri

SG6 Galium verum - LADIES BEDSTRAW - attractive shade gound cover,yellow dye

*SH2 Hybiscus subdariffa - ROSELLE - lovely red-purple lvs & flws,tea herb

SI1 Inula helenium - ELECAMPANE - Huge lvs,yellow sunflower,root used

SI2 Indigos mixed - INDIGOFERA SPP. - dye plants for specialists

SL1 Liatris spicata - Gayfeather - Tall spires purple/pink flws,bulb

SL4 Lawsonia inermis - HENNA - red dye plant,warm growing conditions

SM2 Malva moschata ‘Alba’ - WHITE MUSK MALLOW

SM2b Malvas & Lavateras - MALLOWS MIXED - various species & hybrids

*SM3a Micromeria juliana (syn. Satureja) - SAVOURY - scented low bush

SM4a Monarda citriodora - LEMON BERGAMOT - very attractive pink/green flws scented

SM4b Monarda astromontana - WILD BERGAMOT - Bright mauve flws

*SM6 Monardella odoratissima - MOUNTAIN MINT - mint-like habit,scented

SN4 Nigella sativa - BLACK CUMIN - seeds used as a spice

SN4b Nigella damascena - LOVE-IN-A MIST - white flowers,pretty pods

SN6 Nicotiana sylvestris - WILD TOBACCO - white flowers,evening scented

SO2a Oenothera fruticosa - SUNDROPS - Ground cover,yellow flws,daytime

SO2b Oenothera spp mixed - EVENING PRIMROSE - Various

 SO4 Origanum onites - GREEK MARJORAM - Strong flavour,grey lvs

SP1 Plantago lancifolia ‘Atropurpurea’ - RED PLANTAIN - very decorative

SP8 Physalis edulis - CAPE GOOSEBERRY - delicious fruit,organic spray

*SP9 Passiflora edulis - GRENADILLA - rampant climber,heavy cropper

SR1 Reseda odorata - Mignonetta - scented flws,greeny orange

SR4 Rosa muscosa - MUSK ROSE - Creamy white panicles of flws. Large shrub

SR5 Rosa rugosa - JAPANESE ROSE - Mixed colours,Spreading,autumn foliage

SR6 Rosa species mixed - Above species. + hybrids Germination erratic/slow

SR7 Rumex acetosella - SHEEP SOEEREL - medicinal weed

SS10 Stachys byzantina (lantana) - LAMB”S EARS - grey lvs,pink spires of flws

SS12 Sambucus nigra - ELDERBERRY - Small tree. Allparts usefull

ST3 Thymus serpyllum - CREEPING THYME - Ground cover,pink flws

Old Fashioned Cottage Garden Flowers R5,00 per pkt

Some of these are Herbs as well and used for medicine os flavouring.  Many very common plants are but sometimes difficult to find!

GA1a Achillea ageratofolia - FLORIST’S YARROW - Yellow flwr heads on long stems

GA2 Ammi majus - QUEEN ANNE’S LACE - Lovely for arrangements

GA3 Anemone x hybrida mixed - JAPANESE ANEMONES - mixed pinks & white

GA4 Aquilegia vulgaris - COLUMBINE - Small dark blue flws, pretty lvs

GA4a Aquilegia sp - “GRANDMOTHER’S GARDEN” - Very double, frilly flws

GA4b Aquilegia sp. - “NORA BARLOW” - very double dusky pink flws

GC3d Clematis hybirds mixed - Lucky packet of wonderful possibilities!

GC4a Centaurea montana - CORNFLOWER - blue flws, smaller bushes

GC5 Cynoglossom sp - PINK FORGET-ME-NOT-pink flowers,60cm tall bush

GC5a Cynoglossom sp - BLUE FORGET-ME-NOT-True blue flws,50cm high

GC6 Chieranthus sp ? - SMALL YELLOW WALLFLOWER - neat cushion plants
 GD1 Dianthus spp mixed - CLOVE PINKS - Strongly scented varied pink flws

GE1 Erythraea centaurium - CENTUARY - Heads of bright pink flws,self seeds

*GE3 Escholtzia canadensis - CANADIAN POPPY - Bright orange flowers,self sows

GG1 Gypsophila paniculata “Snowflake” - BABIES BREATH - small white flws

G12 Iberis amara - FLORIST’S CANDYTUFT - long white flower spikes

G12a Iberis umbellata - CANDYTUFT - shades of pink & purple

GL2a Linaria sp - TOADFLAX - delicate spires of mauve flws

GL3 Lippia triphylla - LEMON VERBENA - old favourite,difficult to germinate

GL5 Lunaria annua - HONESTY,PURPLE - pretty dried seed pods,self-sows

GP2c Papaver rhoeas - FLANDERS POPPY - red/orange,black eye.Seed edible

GP2d Papaver spp mixed - POPPIES - Large variety of different kinds

GS1 Saponaria officinalis - SOAPWORT,BOUNCING BETTY - Pink flws

*GS4a Silene mixed - CAMPION - pinks & whites,very easy and self seeding

*GT3 Tagetes sp ? - BRAVE SOLDIERS - single yellow striped maroon,veg garden protectors !

GV1 Verbascum spp mixed - MULLEIN - various species,pink yellow,white

*GV3a Veronica spicata - VERONICA - groundcover,blue flws

GV4b Viola tricolour - HESRT”S-EASE - Various coloured flws + black !

GV4c Viola spp mixed - VIOLETS MIXED - various species

GZ1 Dipsacus sylvestris - TEAZEL - unusual seed hesds,good in flower arranging

Mints - R5,00 per Packet

This seed is usally very fine and should not be covered at all after sowing or  with only a dusting of fine sand or compost. They all spread by root so plant where this will be an asset and not a problem!

MX1 PENNYROYL - Mentha pulegium - ground cover for shade & damp

MX3 WILD MINT - Mentha longifolia var capensis - Tall growing, very hardy

MX5 EMPEROR’S MINT, CALAMINT - Micromeria sp - Very pretty small blue flws

 MX6 MOUNTAIN MINT - Pycnanathemum sp - Strong mint taste, hardy

MX7 CATNIP - Nepeta cataria - Cat’s love it, soothing tea, white/cream flws

MX8 LEMON CATNIP - Nepeta cataria “Citriodora” - White/blue flws

MX12 GIANT CATMINT - Nepeta grandiflora - long spiles blueflws, 1 metre

MX14 WILD CATMINT - Balotta africana - rich damp soil, wjorls of pink flws

Lavenders - R5,00 per packet

Lavender seed can be very erratic germinating and you should never throw out the seed tray until at least one full year has gone past since sowing.  Allow seedings to grow and get sturdy in the seed tray before planting out, then top them to make them bush.  Give plants good drainage bur a fair amount of water.

LA1 SWEET ENGLISH LAVENDER - Lavundula angustifolia (syn.  Vera / officinalis)

LA1d PINK LAVENDER - Lavandula agustifolia “Rosea - pale pink flws

LA2 HIDCOTE LAVENDER - Langustifolia var.  - bright blue cmpact flws, small bush

LA2 MUNSTEAD LAVENDER - L.  angustifolia var. - very dark bright mauve flws, small bush

LA3 PINATE LEAVED LAVENDER - Lavandula canariensis - green pinate leaves, blue flws

LA5 FERN LEAVED LAV. ENDER - Lavandula multifida - soft grey/green lvs, blue flws

LA6 DWARF / SPANISH LAVENDER - Lavandula stoechas - low growing, deep purple flws

LA7 Lavandula stoechas var pedunculata - As above but flw stalks longer & larger flws & bush

LA10 LAVENDER SPECIES MIXED - above spp + hybrids

LA11 LEMON SCENTED LAVENDER - Lavandula viridis - green lvs, lime/cream flws

LA12 WOOLLY LAVENDER - Lavandula lanata - velvet grey lvs, blue flws

LA13 Lavandula luiserii - upright bush with sweet smelling flowers, hardy

Santolinas - R5,00 per packet

Not Lavenders at all!  From the daisy family “Asteraceceae”.  These are the best edgings for knot gardens or any normal garden.  Plant close in the row and keep trimmed to about 8 cm height, do not allow to flower if using as a clipped formal edging

LC1 COTTON LAVENDER - Santolina neapolitana - loose grey lvs
 LC3 COTTON LAVENDER - Santolina chamaecyparissus - small tight grey lvs

LC4 COTTON LAVENDER - Santolina virens - bright green  lvs, bright yellow flws


Basils - R5,00 per packet

Do not sow Basils until the weather has really warmed up in Spring, they need heat to germinate.  In cold areas sow indoors in sunny place in early Spring & plant out when days are nice & warm.  Nip out flowering stems to prolong leaf production

BA1 ANISE BASIL - Purple tinged leaves & pretty flws

BA2 SWEET BASIL - common large lvd sweet lvs, very easy

BA3 CAMPHOR BASIL - Ocimum kilimandscharivum - Perennial shrub

BA4 CINNAMON BASIL - Large purple tinged leaves, hardy

BA5 CLOVE BASIL - Ocimum gratissimum - Large shrub, spicy flavour

BA7 SWEET MAMMOTH - Very large crinkled leaves

BA8 GREEN BOUQUET - Small leaves, neat bush

BA9 GENOVESE BASIL - Dark green, sweet, Italian basil

 BA10 LEMON BASIL - Fine leaved, good flavour

BA11 LETTUCE LEAVED - Large crumpled lvs

BA12a PURPLE RUFFLES BASIL - large ruffled lvs very decorative for salads & garnish


BA21a SPICY GLOBE - small Bush with spicy flavour

BA23 THAI BASIL - Popular oriental flavouring, tall bushes similar to Anise Basil

Sages or Salvias - R5,00 per packet

Cover sage seed lightly after sowing.  Plant out in very well drained area but water regularly, they hate soggy roots!

SX2 COMMON SAGE - Salvia officinalis - essential for cooking
 SA2a  GARDEN SAGE - Salvia officinalis - locally grown & collected seed, very hardy

SX3  BROWN SAGE, STRANDSALIE - Salvia aficana-lutea - Unusual brown flws

SX3a  WILD SAGE - Salvia stenophylla - very hardy & aromatic, rosette lvs, pale blue flws

SX4a  WILD BLUE SAGES MIXED - Salvia spp. - hybirdss and/or varieties

SX5  COSTAL BLUE SAGE - Salvia scabra- green lvs, blue flws, good hedge

SX7  FINED LEAVED SAGE - Salvia namaensis - very pretty fine lvs, blue flws

SX13  DARK BLUE SAGE - Salvia farinaceae - dark blue flowers

SX16  JERUSALEM SAGE - Phlomis fruticosus - whorls of clear yellow flws, grey lvs

SX20  CANDELABRA SAGE - Salvia clevelandii - beautiful big shrub clear blue whorled flws

Umbelliferae / Apiaceae -

Fennel or Carrot family - R5 pkt

Store in Deep-freeze.  Seed must be scattered or planted in rows in situ as they hate transplanting and are all biennials or annuals.  Use the leaf as well as the seed for flavouring and put seed in salads, cakes. Biscuits etc.  As welll as in curries.

UA2  ANISEED - Pimpinella anisum - quick growing, needs heat

UC1  CARAWAY - Carum carvi - sow in hot weather, slow growing

UC2  CORIANDER - Coriandrum sativum - quick growing

UC2a  CORIANDER, OVAL SEEDED - Larger seeds but similar to above

UC3  CUMIN - needs hot season and long summer to produce and grow well

*UC5  CARROT, ALL SEASON - large long roots, very hardy

 UC8a  CELERY,RED STEMMED - Apium sp. - very tasty & decorative

UD1  DILL - Anethum graveolens - likes cooler weather

UD1a  DILL,FERNLEAF - good variety for pots & balconies

UD1b  DILL,TETRAPLOID - extra leafy

UF1  FENNEL,WILD - Foeniculum vulgaris - very large growing up to 2 metres

UF1a  FENNEL,FLORENCE - swollen leaf base used as vegetable

UF1c  FENNEL,BRONZE/RED - Foeniculum purpurea - lovely colour,same uses

UL1a  LOVAGE,BLACK/ALEXANDERS - Smyrnium olusatrum - seeds ground like pepper

UP1  PARSELY,GIANT ITALIAN - Petroselinum sp. - strong tasting flat leaves 1 metre

UP1a  PARSELY,PLAIN LEAVED - Petroselinum sp - tasty vitamin rich

UP1c  PARSELY,WILD SEA - Dasispernum suffruticosa (Heteroptilis) - Indig

UP1d  PARCEL - cross between Parsely & Celery flavour,good garnished/flavouring

Letuces - R5,00 per packet

These lettuces are very much in demand and in fasion! Sow in Autumn for best colour and a long picking/plucking season. Can be grous in Summer if shaded, kept cool and watered well. Very successful in pots or grow bags. NB harvest loose-leaf variety by cutting outer leaves whenever needed, new leaves will keep growing

LE1  AMERICAN BROWN - Maroon tingled, semi heading or plucking

LE2  AUSTRALIAN YELLOW - loose-leaved or plucking, yellow green

LE3  BRAUNERTROTZKOPF/PIRAT - Maroon outer leaves, butterhead, crisp

LE4  LOLLO ROSSA, IMPROVED - Loose leaved finely crisped pink, green, red leaves

 LE5  RED GRENOBLOISE/WINNETOU - Maroon edged leaves, semi-heading butter lettuce

LE6  RED SALAD BOWL/VULCANO - Loose oak leaf type, good red colour

LE6a  YELLOW SALAD BOWL - Yellow leaved form of LE6

LE9A  CURLY YELLOW - loose-leaved crisped, yellow green (like Strubelpeter)

LE10  BARBAROSSA - Butterhead,red outer leaves, delicious (replaces Marvel of 4 Seasons)

LE11  TILL - Unusaul long green loose leaves

LE12  YELLOW ROUND LEAF - smooth rounded lvs, yellow green for plucking

LE13  HEADING LETTUCES, MIXED - Mixture of many varieties

LE14  LOOSE LEAVED LETTUCES, MIXED - Mixture of many varieties

LE15  LITTLE LEPRECHAUN - Red leaved Cos lettuce

LE16  SIOUX - Deep red Heading Iceberg Lettuce

LE18  LOLLO BIONDO - yellow version of LE4 crisped 7 curled loose lvs for cutting & plucking

LE19  SMOOTH LEAVED BUTTER LETTUCE - soft & green, small lettuce

Saladings - R5,00 per packet

MB1  BURNETT, SALAD - Sanguisorba minor - Cucumber tasting leaves when young

MC2  CHICORY PALLA ROSSA - stunning red heads in winter for salads & cooking

MC2b  CHICORY VERONA - striped red heads in winter as above

MC2c  MIXED CHICORIES - above varieties and others

MC3  ORNAMENTAL CABBAGE - Lovely coloured leaves used young for salads

MC4  LANDCRESS - Barbarea verna - rosettes of watercress-like lvs with a bite
 *MC4a  COMMON CRESS - quick growing and useful in salads & sandwiches

MD2  DANDELION, CULTIVATED cv. - Taraxacum officinalis - young leavs, salads &  soup

MD3  DANDELIONS, MIXED - Taraxacum spp & Hybrids

ME1  ENDIVE ESCARIOL YELLOW - Finely cut and crisped self blanching heads

ME1a  ENDIVE WAGNER’S GOLD HEART - Cut and fringed leaves, need blanching

ME1c  ENDIVES MIXED - above & more

MM1  MUSTARD, BLACK - Brassica nigra - Peppery leaves and seeds, many uses

MM1a  MUSTARD, CURLY/PEPPER LETTUCE - Brassica sp. Crisped curled, hot leaves

MM1b  MUSTARD, RED LEAVED - decorative & tasty

*MM1c  MIXED MUSTARDS - above and more, spicy and tasty for salads, veg dishes etc

MP5  RED PERILLA - use young red leaves in salads & garnishes

MR1  ROCKET/ARUGULA - Eruca sativa - Nutty & delicious, quick growing

MR1a  ROCKET, ITALIAN - Rucula selvatica - true Rocket, hot bite

*MR1b  ROCKET, PLAIN LEAVED - Rucula d’orto - good flavour, smooth edged lvs

MS1  SPINACH “VULCAN” - Beta Sp - Sensational Red Stems & Dark leaves

Oriental vegetables - R5,00 per Packet

Easy to grow, delicious to eat. Grow fast with plenty of water, pick young. Sow a few at a time and all through the year. Plant them close - space saving.

OC1  CHINESE CABBAGE, PACK CHOI - Brassica sp - Dark green lvs with large white ribs
 OC3d  CHINESE CABBAGES MIXED - Brassica spp - Many untranslatable Chinese names

OC17b  CHINESE MUSTARDS MIXED - Brassica spp - hot & spicy & easy to grow

OJ1  JAPANESE RADISH - Raphanus sp - Large black roots used very young, pods in salads

OJ1a  DAIKON RADISH - Rhaphanus sp. - sought after roots for health & salads etc

OJ2  JAPANESE GOBO - Arctium lappa - roots as vegetable & medicinal

OJ4  JAPANESE GREENS “TENDERGREEN” = MITSUBA - Breassica sp - Spinach or stir fry

OT2  TAT SOI - stunning shiny green rosettes for leaves for salads & garnish

Alliums / Onions & Chives - R5,00 per pkt

Sow in cooler weather and cover seed well, ie. Diameter of the seed

AC1  CHIVES, FINE LEAVED - Allium schoennoprasum - essential for cooking

AC3  CHIVES, CHINESE / GARLIC - Allium tuberisam - Garlic flavoured leaves

*AC3a  CHIVES, CHINESE / PURPLE FLOWERED - garlic flavoured spiral leaves, vert pretty flwrs

AC4  GROLAU CHIVES - specially for window boxes & indoors

A01  ONION, “RED PIROSKA” - Allium cepa var - wonderful purple / red round sweet bulbs

A01a  ONION “BRAUNSCHWIEGER”  - Dark purple - red sweet flesh

AO2  ONION, “LONG RED FLORENCE” - Allium sp - Cucumber shaped purple / red sweet

AO3  ONION, WELSH - Allium fistulosum - Large tender lvs chopped in salads, soups, garnishes

AO6  ONIONS MIXED - Allium spp - many varieties mixed

 AO7  PARIS WHITE BUNCHING ONION - very good & easy

AR1  RAMSONS/BEAR’S GARLIC - Allium ursinum - Medicinal or flavouring

AS1  SHALLOTS,”RED GLOBE” - Allium sp - Grow in clumps, harvest young

AS2b  PERENNIAL SPRING ONIONS - multiplying, hardly & tasty like thin leeks

Unusual Vegetables - R5,00 per packet

VA1  ARTICHOKE, GREEN - good bearer, pick buds young & often

VB1  BROCOLLI, PURPLE HEADING - Brassica sp - attractive raw in salads, cooks green

VB2  BROCOLLI, MIXED VARIETIES - Brassica sp - Different growth habits & colours

VB4  PERENNIAL LEAF SPINACH - Beta sp. - continuous crop of tender lvs

VC1  CABBAGES MIXED VARIETIES - Brassica spp. - lucky dip!

VC1b  MINI RED CABBAGE “PREKO” - very dark & tasty , tight heads

*VC1c  MINCOLE - small green cabbages

VC4  CAULIFLOWER OR BROCOLLI “ROMANESQUE” - Brassica sp - Pale green curds

VC5  CARDOON - Cynara cardunculus - Large leaf veins blanched, taste like asparagus

VK1  KALE, CURLY GREEN - Brassica sp - Hardy tall plant, crisped leaves veg, soups, garnish

VK2  KOHLRABI MIXED VARIETIES - white, pink, blue etc

VR2  RHUBARB - use stems for puddings, roots medicinal

VT1  TOMATO, RED CHERRY - Lycopersicum esculentum var - Disease resistant, small & tasty

VT2  TOMATO, YELLOW CHERRY - Lycopersicum sp - attractive oval fruit
 VT3  TOMATOES MIXED - many heritage/old species, different colours & shapes

Eggfruit, Peppers & Chillies - R5 per Pkt

Sow sed in Spring as early as possible as they need a long, warm, growing period. Although usually treated as Annuals, i warmer areas without frost they will often bear for many years if fertilized in Spring & mulched in Autumn

EC1a  CHILE, JALAPENO - classic hot pepper

EC1b   CHILE, HABANERO - hot pepper

EC1c   CHILE, YELLOW WAX - braod & long turning yellow when ripe


EC1e  CAYENNE PEPPER - hot & easy to grow

EE1  EGGPLANT “EXTRA LONG” - Long, thin, purple fruit

EE2  EGGFRUIT, AFRICAN - strange cream - white fruit turn turn bright orange-red. Very hardy

EE3  HONEY PEAR - very strange eggfruit eaten as a raw!

*EE4  EGGPLANT MIXED - some new and strange varieties

EP2  SWEET PEPPERS - many colours, mixed, different shapes & sizes

EP4  SWEET BANANA PEPER - bright yellow pod, banana shapes turns red

EP5  SUNSET STRIPED PEPPER - long ridged pod, striped yellow, red green, turns dark red

EP7  CUBANELLE PEPPER - green turning bright orange bell pepper, cushion shaped

Peas & Beans & Mealies - R5 per pkt

PB1  BEANS,”PA-PA” - very hardy heavy bearing, use in pod or as large green or dry bean

 *PB3  BEANS MIXED, BUSH - many colours & varieties

PP1  SNOW PEAS, MIXED - eat all pods, like cold weather

*PM1  MEALIE, MINI BLACK SEEDED - eat while very young or allow to grow and turn blue-black!

*PM3  POPCORNS MIXED - variety of colours & shapes

Melons Gourds & Pumpkins - R5,00 per pkt

These are really fun to try and should grow anywhere with warm and reasonably drySummers, water roots well, not lvs! They need a lot of space to spread, or can be trained up a fence or tree. Sow as early as possible or start in pots indoors. Give a lot of compost and mulch.
Give a lot of compost and mulch.

TC1  HORNED CUCUMBER / JELLY MALON - Cucumis metuliferus - strange & delicous!

TG3  YARD LONG GOURD - weird loooking, up to 1 metre long & only 10 cm wide, decorative

TG4  GREEN & GOLD GOURD - beautiful ornamental small gourds, half green & half gold!

TG5   LARGE ROUND CALABASH - classic ‘Maas “ (sour milk) container, large vine

TG6  GOURDS MIXED - above = other varities as available

TP2  PUMPKIN  PHOENIX  - pear shaped & striped with sweet orange flesh

*TP3  PUMPKIN MINI - bright orange mini fruits

*TP3  PUMPKINS MIXED - many shapes & sizes

*TS1  VEGETABLE SPAGHETTI - grows like Zucchini, flesh like strings of spaghetti!

*TZ1  STRIPED ZUCCHINI - eat young or let grow enormous

Indigenous Seed - R5,00 per packet

 IA5  Artemisia afra - WILDEALS, WILD WORMWOOD - Fine grey lvs

IA6  Athanasia spp mixed - KLAASLOUWBOS - Yellow flowers dry well

IB2  Bulbine frutescens - BULBINE, WILDE KAPIVA - Yellow/orange flws

IB4  Barleria sp - BARLERIA - Small scrambling shrub, pretty blue flws

IC2  Chironia baccifera - TOOTHACHE BARRY, AMBEIBOS - Pink flws

ITC2  Colpoon compressum - BLOUPRUIM, CAPE SUMACH - Tree edible fruit black dye

IC4  Cotyledon spp. Mixed - PLAKKIES, PIG’S EAR - Leaves for warts etc

IC5  Cymbopogon excavatus - INDIGENOUS LEMON GRASS - Orange scented

*IC10  Carpobrotus edulis GHOKUM - good ground cover, soothing sap

IE4  Eriocephalus spp mixed mixed - WILD ROSEMARIES, KAPOKBOSSIES

IE5  Empleureum unicapsularis - TREE BUCHU - grows near runnin water

*IE6  Erythrina zeyheri - PLOEGBREKER - fascinating stemless, bright red flws

IG1  Geranium incanum - CARPET GERANIUM, VROUETEE - Ground cover

IH1  Helichrysum spp mixed - various shapes & sizes, all attractive & medicinal

IH1a  Helichrysum petiolare - KOOIGOED - attractive grey lvs good edging, self seeds

IH4a  Hemizygia obermeyerae - Very decorative large shrub, many purple/pink flws

IH5  Hippia frutescens - RNKALS, WILD TANSY - Very aromatic pretty lvs

IH5a  Hippia sp. ? - RANKALS - smaller version of above, ground cover, yellow flws

*IH11  Hypocalyptus coluteoides - ROOIKEUR - 1-3m shrub, magenta flws, damp habitat

 IL2  Leonotis spp mixed - WILDE DAGGA, LION’S EARS - Striking plants

IM3  Melianthus spp. Mixed - KRUIDJIE-ROER-MY-MIET - decorative lvs

ITO2  Olea europaea subsp afracana - WILD OLIVE - large tree, good garden subject

IP8a  Pentzia elegans - lovely grey lvs with gold wrapped buds & bright yellow flws

IP15  Podalyria burchelii ( seracea 96) - Pale to dark pink flws on one bush. Silver lvs.

IP18a  Phylica spp mixed - attractive shrubs, hrady, long lasting in water & dry well

ITA1  Alberta Magna - BREEKHOUT - Tree with beautiful red flws & red calyces, slow

IP20  Polygola fruticosa - KEURTJIE - attractive shrub, triabgular lvs, purple flws

ITC1  Calodendron capense - CAPE CHESTNUT - Large tree, pink flws, Spring/Summer

ITD1b  Diospyros spp. Mixed - Attractive small trees for Bonsai or shrubbery

*ITD3  Dodonea viscosa - Sand Olive - shrub or small tree, hardy

ITE3  Euclea undulata - GWARRIE - attractive small tree good Bonsai & medicinal

ITH1  Heteropyxis natalensis - LAVENDER TREE - small tree lovely scented lvs

ITP2  Psoralea pinnata - BLOUKEUR, FOUNTAIN BUSH - Lovely tree-blue pea flowers

ITR1  Rhigozum obavatum - KAROO GOLD - wonderful yellow flws Spring, slow growing

ITW1  Widdringtonia nidiflora - MOUNTAIN CEDAR, OUTENIQUA CYPRESS - tree

IS1  Satureja biflora - LEMON SAVORY - Best indigenous cooking herb!

IS4  Stachys cilitata (S.zeyheri 1995) - Lovely dark magenta flws. Forest shade

 IS6b  Suitherlandia microphylla - GANSIES, CANCER BUSH - bright red flws, seed pods

IV2  Valeriana capensis - WILD VALERIAN - used in same way as true valerian

IW1  Wahlenbergia procumbens - FLOWER LAWN - ground cover, white flws

IZ1  Xysmalobium undulata - MILKWEED - common roadside shrub, inflated pods

Indigenous Bulb seed - R5 per Pkt

IX1  FLAMES, ROOIPYPIE - Tritoniopsis (syn. Anapalina) caffra - brilliant carmine flws, forest margins

IX1b  Aristea confusa - spires of intense blue Spring

IX3a  KATSTERTJIES - Bobartia - linear lvs with bright yellow flws, hardy

IX4a  HAREBELLS - Dierama spp mixed - shades of pink & white

IX8  REDROOT, ROOIKANOL - Wackebdorfia thyrsiflora lvs, mustard yellow flws, root a dye

IX9  WATSONIA MIXED - Watsonia spp - many different colours & shapes

IX10  WILD GARLIC - Tulbaghia violacea - purple& flws, garlic scented lvs, edible, medicinal;

IX11  WILD GARLIC - Tulbaqhia simmeleri - pretty mauve or white flws,

Conditions of sale
We try to ensure that all seeds offered in this catalogue are true to Name and to species and variety. Uses and descriptions given are for general guidance. You should never use a plant medicinally unless you are quite sure what it is,so please check in a book or with a Botanist or Herbarium if you are not 100% sure.  In accordance with orders in the seed trade we can give no warranty, expresses or implied, nor can we be responsible for the resultant crop.

We do course welcome letters about your results, good or bad, and will naturally always try to help where possible.  Thank you to those of you who wrote during 1997, we will take what you said to heart and will also try to answer you letters when time allows!
 Does anyone have FRESH seed of Lovage, Angelica or Giant Fennel that you kept in the deep freeze?  Please let us know as we need this for the supplementary list.  We also need such as Red Bergamot, Arnica, & Alchemilla, all of which are hideously expensive to import.

You will notice many more packets of Mixed seeds this year.  When seed is collected from plants grown in open beds here in South-Africa it is impossible to be sure it has not hybridised an dso we generally pur this seed into mixed packets rather than risking a false description under a species or variety name, you find a woderful new cross that will take the world by storm!!  We try to keep lists of varieties included, please ask?

It has been impossible to keep the cost of seed at the same level any longer, so please believe that the rise in price per packet is unavoidable and in line with prices in South Africa, and well below that of international seed companies.

We try to offer seed which is not available elsewhere in Southern Africa and do not therefore include commonly available seed unless we feel ours is a better strain than that offered elsewhere.

Most of the seed we stock is grown organically pollinated espesially that which we grow and collect ourselves, however we cannot guarantee that imported seed is always organically grown nor open pollinated although we believe that most of it is.

We are very interested in any research about plants which are anti-pollutants, water-cleaners, insecticidal os medicinal and would welcome any information about these aspects or about being carried out in these fields.

Without plants there is NO life!  Lets spread the word and green our world?


BO1  “First Aid with Herbs” - Yvette van Wijk - How herbs work and why they complement modern medical treatment - section on the chemical properties of Herbs.  Cross referenced - 76 pages - 6tj printing - Blackwoods Herbs

R20.00 + R3.00 = R23.00

BO2 “Here’s Flowers for you” - Yvette van Wijk - The complete list of plants and herbs from Shakespeare’s plays.  Referenced, line drawings - 15 pages - UCT

R10.00 = R3.00 postage = R13.00

 BO3 “Sowing Seed and So On” - Yvette van Wijk - Instruction for succesfully raising plants from seed, growing them on and keeping them healthy by environmentally friendly means.  Useful tables giving number of seeds per gram (size), Ph and temperature requirements for germination.  Many special techniques given for germinating hundreds of different seeds, recipes for soil mixtures - Cross referenced - 87 pages - Blackwoods Herbs

R20.00 = R3.00 postage = R23.00

BO4 “Herbal First Aid for Pets & Other Animals” - Yvette van Wijk - Tried & tested ways of treating animal with safe and simple remedies.   Many useful tables for feeding orphaned animals &  birds as well as adults.  Charts giving medicinal uses of herbs plus their vitamin & mineral contents. List of Ailments & Symptoms with Homeopathic & Herbal remedies.  Many remedies applicable to owners! - cross referenced - 94 - pages - Blackwodds Herbs

R20.00 = R3.00postage = R23.00

A Simple seed house for successfully germinating seed

You have gone to some trouble to get your seed and it is a valuable organism which depends on you to see that it grows to fruition.

Use special seed compost mixes or make your own by mixing pure compost, preferably unsifted, with a little sand and and quite a lot of vermiculite.  I prefer rich composty mixes so that the seedings can grow on in the seed tray case they do not get planted out immediately!

 Watering is all important, rig up some kind of mist spraying system with a 18mm (half inch) hose pipe into which you screw microiet nozzels which give a mist spray. You must have a fibreglass or plastic roof over the seed trays and the hose can be suspended from this roof and simply connected to your normal hose pipe when needed. Seed trays should be mist-sprayed EVERY DAY for at least 20 minutes, even after germination, and more often in very hot dry weather.

Extremely fine seed should never be covered after sowing and will move around even with a mist spray, so cover the tray with glass and water from below by standing it in a tra of water till top is evenly damp, remove glass immediately after germination.

Read “Sowing Seed & So On” for pre-sowing techniques with difficult seed.

Good Luck and enjoy using the plants!


Copyright 1999 - Blackwoods Seeds