John MURRELL of Rayleigh, Essex, England
His Descendants in South Africa

Symbols: * = Birth   ~ = Baptised  +=Death
                x = Married (x1 = first, x2 = second, etc)
    The compiler is indebted 
    to the work of : 
    Mrs. A.M.Murrell (Cooke) 
    whose hand chart of  c.1938 
    forms the core of the early 
    information included here 
    and which sparked his own 
    interest in the family genealogy. 

    Thanks are due in no small 
    measure as well to all those 
    remote family members who 
    were contacted and who 
    were kind enough to reply with 
    their contributions. 

(41) Annie Bellaby MURRELL (m. GILBERT)  *1845
1 a JOHN MURRELL *1801/Rayleigh, Essex, Eng. +16.5.1848/ Port Elizabeth S.A. Buried St.Mary's Cemetary, P.E. 
x/Eng. Mary CROSBIE (CROSBY) *1794 +28.4.1844/P.E. 

(According to A.M.Murrell (Cooke) John Murrell "Landed from the barque Guardian on 3.10.1842 at Algoa Bay. John emmigrated with his family with the intention of sheep farming but was not successful in this. He was a very keen cricketer and brought his bat with him. He was the first to introduce cricket in S.A. The first cricket club was formed in Algoa Bay in 1843. The first match was played that year and reported in 'The Journal'. The second match was played on New Years Day 1844 with John Murrell as opening batsman") 

2 b1 John MURRELL *1824 +1873 
x.Harriet WHARIN *1840 +1906 
3 b1c1 John Wharin MURRELL *c.1858 +1934/America 
x. Lettie WALLACE 
4 b1c1d1 John MURRELL 
5 b1c1d2 Eric MURRELL 
6 b1c1d3 Constance MURRELL 
7 b1c1d4 Mildred MURRELL 
8 b1d2 Charles MURRELL *1860 +1878/Port Elizabeth 
(buried in family vault St.Mary's cemetery) 
9 b1c3 Alice MURRELL *1861 
x. Wilfred BARLOW 
10 b1c3d1 Winifred Edith BARLOW 
x. H.COY 
11 b1c3d2 Murrell Harding BARLOW (Apparently dropped the name Murrell. Was a Magistrate in the Transvaal) 
12 b1c3d3 Hebe Vera BARLOW 
13 b1c3d4 Aubrey Avice BARLOW 
14 b1c3d5 Aldwyth BARLOW 
15 b1c4 Lawrence MURRELL *1863 
x. Ella HORNE of Somerset East  ('died up-country')
16 b1c4d1 Lawrence MURRELL 
17 b1c4d2 Charles MURRELL 
18 b1c4d3 Ella MURRELL 
19 b1c5 Harry MURRELL *1864 +/P.E. 
20 b1c5d1 Harry MURRELL 
21 b1c5d2 Alwyn MURRELL
22 b1c5d3 Jack MURRELL 
23 b1c5d4, etc (unknown) 
24 b1c6 William MURRELL *1866 +1905 
25 b1c7 Kate MURRELL *1868 
x1.Ernest HART x2.Andrew LOUW 
26 b1c7d1 Ernest HART 
x. McGUINESS of East London 
27 b1c7d2 Doris HART ?/LOUW ? 
x. BRYANT of East London 
28 b1c7d3 Gilbert HART/LOUW ? 
x. Vera LOWE 
29 b1c8 Mary Harriet MURRELL *1869 +/In Infancy 
30 b1c9 Gilbert MURRELL *1873 +1900/Bloemfontein 
(Died of typhoid during Boer War. Captain in the Prince Alfred Guard of P.E.) 
31 b2 George MURRELL *3.10.1827/England +19.2.1877/P.E. 
(Landed with his parents on his 15th birthday) 
x/1856 Annie SCOTT /Buried at St.Mary's cemetery P.E.
32 b2c1 Amy Crosbie MURRELL *5.9.1857 +1.5.1936/Durban. 
x/1878/St.Pauls P.E. Robert John STAINES *2.12.1851/Gundle, North Hampshire, England. +14.5.1920 
33 b2c1d1 Harold Gilbert STAINES *2.4.1879/P.E. 
x.Gladys Mary SWIREST 
34 b2c1d1e1 Douglas Maxwell Dudley STAINES *13.11.1920 
x.Elizabeth HANCOCK 
35 b2c1d1e2 Joan Mavis June STAINES *30.6.1925 
x.Hugh THOMPSON *23.5.1896 (He served in the Royal Army Service Corps during WW1 1917-1919) 
36 b2c1d2 Robert John STAINES *2.8.1881/Carnarvon, Cape. +5.2.1933 
(He served in British East Africa 1915-1916 in 1thh S.A.Infantry) 
x.Vera May KIRSTEN of East London *1896 
37 b2c1d2e1 Robert John STAINES *1919 +1921
38 b2c1d2e2 Pamela STAINES *1.11.1920 
x/1939 Leigh GIBBON 
39 b2c1d2e2f1 (son) 
40 b2c1d3 Clarice Evelyn STAINES *18.6.1896 +3.1925 
x/2.1925  Ian Grant STEWART (no issue) 
41 b2c2
Annie Bellaby MURRELL *21.9.1858/P.E.  +c.1940 
x. William  R. GILBERT
(Lived at Rayleigh House, 23 Belmont Terrace, P.E.) 

                                     Inset: W.R.Gilbert

42 b2c2d1 William 'Quickie' GILBERT *1881/P.E. + 1936 
x. Grace SOUTH 
43 b2c2d1e1 Peter GILBERT +/In infancy 
44 b2c2d2 George Murrell GILBERT *19.8.1883 +5.8.1953 
x. Beatrice Bertha 'Trixie' BUCHANAN *3.6.1891 +6.8.1945/51y 
45 b2c2d2e1
Joyce Bellaby GILBERT *13.6.1914 
x/P.E./ William Alfred AYRES *9.4.1906 +13.12.1978 
(He was brigadier of police, Western Transvaal) 
46 b2c2d2e1f1 Brian AYRES *13.3.1942 
47 b2c2d2e1f1g1 Craig AYRES *29.5.1970
48 b2c2d2e1f1g2 Warrick AYRES *3.5.1973 
49 b2c2d2e1f2 Raymond AYRES *13.9.1948 
x/Krugersdorp/ Lorraine Van LOGGERENBERG *14.6.1948 
50 b2c2d2e1f2g1 David AYRES *19.7.1976 
51 b2c2d2e2 Arthur Lloyd GILBERT *10.3 1919 +19.11.1979 
x/21.4.1948/ Margaret Ann GOOCH 
52 b2c2d2e2f1 Ann Denise GILBERT *31.1.1950 
x/3.10.1970/ Clement Charles R. MORRIS 
53 b2c2d2e2f1g1 Richard MORRIS 
54 b2c2d2e2f1g2 Catherine MORRIS 
55 b2c2d2e2f1g3 Andrew MORRIS 
56 b2c2d2e2f2 Gillian Margaret GILBERT *4.6.1951 
x1/3.7.1971/ Kenneth DAWSON +4.6.1977 
x2/8.12.1978/ Donald MITTEN (Family moved to America) 
57 b2c2d2e2f2g1.1 Lauren Ann DAWSON (Changed name to MITTEN) 
58 b2c2d2e2f2g2.1 Caroline DAWSON (Changed name to MITTEN) 
59 b2c2d2e2f2g3.2 Gareth MITTEN 
60 b2c2d2e3 Ralph George Murrell GILBERT *6.5.1929 
x/1956/  Sheila BROWN *10.11.1931 
61 b2c2d2e3f1 Gail GILBERT *9.4.1955 
62 b2c2d2e3f2 Heather GILBERT *30.10.1960 
x/6.12.1985/  Martin John CHURCHHOUSE *10.6.1959 
63 b2c2d2e3f3 Alison GILBERT *18.10.1963 
64 b2c2d2e3f4 Hilary GILBERT *6.7.1971 
65 b2c2d2e4 Audrey Eugene Murrell GILBERT *8.8.1922 
x. Hans Hermann Erwin MESTERN *18.8.1911 +1979 
66 b2c2d2e4f1 Paul MESTERN *4.6.1948 
x. Eileen Natalie HAMILTON *7.1.1949/S.Rhodesia 
67 b2c2d2e4f1g1 Carol Michelle MESTERN *23.12.1975 
b2c2d2e4f2g1h1 ?
68 b2c2d2e4f2 Andrew MESTERN *6.7.1950 
x. Patricia Ann Kathleen HAMILTON *31.1.1951 
69 b2c2d2e4f2g1 Mark Andrew MESTERN *10.4.1974
70 b2c2d2e4f2g2 Tara Ann MESTERN *3.2.1977 
71 b2c2d2e4f2g3 Carol Natalie MESTERN *16.3.1979 
72 b2c2d3 Henry GILBERT *18.1.1886 +1963 
x. Dulcie STEINOBEL *5.10.1894 +19.12.1930
73 b2c2d3e1 Noreen GILBERT *7.4.1914 
x/23.12.1949/  Hedley Ambrose 'Ted' HUMPHREYS *30.5.1914 
74 b2c2d3e1f1 Stella Genevieve HUMPHREYS *23.9.1950 
x/1968/  Meredith SHAW *2.1.1947 
75 b2c2d3e1f1g1 Natalie SHAW *16.9.1968 
76 b2c2d3e1f1g2 Meredith SHAW *6.9.1969 
77 b2c2d3e1f1g3 Michael SHAW *19.3.1975 
78 b2c2d3e1f2 Wendy Beryl HUMPHRIES *21.12.1951 
x1/c.1971/  Carlo SANTORO *20.6.1939 
x2/c.1983/  Geoffrey TURNER 
79 b2c2d3e1f2g1.1 Julie SANTORO *15.4.1973 
80 b2c2d3e1f2g2.1 Rachel SANTORO *13.12.1975 
81 b2c2d3e2 Mervyn GILBERT *1918 +c.1977/Australia (never married) 
82 b2c2d4 Florence Gladys GILBERT (*18.3.1888/Aliwal North; +12.8.1976/P.E. 
x.1910/ William Edward LONDT *9.1.1881/Rondebosch; +3.1963/P.E.(6) 
(s/o Simon Peter Christoffel LONDT *8.6.1811/Stellenbosch; ~19.6.1811/NGK Stellenbosch; +30.10.1899/Rondebosch and Cornelia Margaretha MONS, born McLaglen, +1905/Diabetes) 
83 b2c2d4e1 Stella Mary Gladys LONDT *7.5.1911/Port Elizabeth; +26.12.1933/ England (car accident). 
x. /England. Donald Wainwright BEARD. 
84 b2c2d4e1f1 Sally BEARD *?/England; +12.1933/England/ 3m, a few days after her mothers death. 
85 b2c2d4e2 Florence May LONDT *1.5.1913/Port Elizabeth. +/P.E. 
x1 /6.7.1935, Ivan HUNT *16.8.1910, +1956/Port Elizabeth. 
x2 /1962/ Ndola, Zambia/  Allan LIVINGSTONE. 
86 b2c2d4e2f1 Errol Ivan HUNT *5.2.1939/Port Elizabeth. 
x/Port Elizabeth/  Valerie SIMONS. 
(Whole family emigrated to Australia c.1972) 
87 b2c2d4e2f1g1 Graham Errol HUNT *3.6.1962
88 b2c2d4e2f1g2 David Ivan HUNT *17.1.1964. 
89 b2c2d4e2f1g3 John Arthur HUNT *24.1.1966.
90 b2c2d4e2f1g4 Simon Edward HUNT *7.3.1967. 
91 b2c2d4e2f2 Marion May HUNT *16.10.1941/Port Elizabeth. 
x1 /.../Port Elizabeth/  Peter SLACK. 
x2 /..../Johannesburg/  Malcolm BUNYARD 
92 b2c2d4e2f2g1 Frank SLACK *25.10.1965. 
x /America/ ...? 
93 b2c2d4e2f2g2 Grant SLACK *19.12.1966. 
94 b2c2d4e2f2g3 Catherine May SLACK *6.8.1970. 
95 b2c2d4e2f3 Sandra Anne HUNT *12.11.1948/Port Elizabeth. 
x1 /6.2.1971/  Simon DAYNES. Div. 31.8.1976. 
x2 /11.4.1980/ Port Elizabeth/  Peter Graham MARTIN. Div. 
96 b2c2d4e2f3g1 Bradley Guy DAYNES *23.6.1972. 
97 b2c2d4e2f3g2 Sasha May DAYNES *17.12.1974. 
98 b2c2d4e3 b2c4d4e3 Gilbert Edward LONDT *1.10.1917/Port Elizabeth, +12.6.1987/Provincial Hospital Port Elizabeth. Architect. 
x1 /1938/Johannesburg, Evelyn Joan HAYDEN *6.1.1913/Aldershot, England- d/o Arthur Donald Radford-HAYDEN and Minnietea (Minnie) Violet GOLDSMITH, both of England. 
x2 /1954/Durban/  Jeanne Frances EVANS  born WAKELIN, *10.7.1919, +3.7.1982/ Port Elizabeth. 
x3 /4.9.1982 /Port Elizabeth/  Naida GLOAK (*27.5.1962/ Zimbabwe). 
99  b2c2d4e3f1.1  Digby Edward Radford LONDT *23.7.1941/Johannesburg. 
x/12.3.1965/St.Columba's Church Parkview; 
Margaret Norah BARCLAY *22.4.1944/Johannesburg 
d/o George Herbert BARCLAY (*31.5.1910/P.E, +19.12.1975/JHB) and Eileen Emily HART (*26.4.1913/P.E). 

b2c2d4e3f1.1g1 Quentin George William LONDT *25.2.1967/Johannesburg. ~1.10.1967/St.Columba's Church, Parkview, JHB. 
x/5.11.1994 St.Columba's Church Parkview; 
Sarah Kate CHESTER *19.3.1966/Nairobi, Kenya, 
n-d/o Michael CHESTER *19/5/1931 and Jane CORK *24/8/42 
b2c2d4e3f1.1h1 Levana Jane Chester LONDT *5.8.1990/Johannesburg (adopted natural d/o Kate Chester & ?) 
b2c2d4e3f1.1h2 Calvin James Chester LONDT  *4.5.1995/Johannesburg. ~5.11.19955/St.Columba's Church Parkview Johannesburg. 
b2c2d4e3f1.1g2 Richard Digby Eden LONDT *16.1.1969/Johannesburg. ~6.4.1969/St.Columba's Church, Parkview, JHB. 
x./25.2.1995 St.Columba's Church Parkview; 
Adele Catherine BURGER *20.8.1970/Port Elizabeth,~NGK Linden, JHB. d/o Johannes Gerhardus BURGER *9.7.1943/Kakamas C.P and Sandra Doris DE KLERK *9.10.1946/Port Elizabeth. 
b2c2d4e3f1.1g2h1 Jared Eden LONDT *4.6.1997/Dubai U.A.E.  ~25.12.1997
b2c2d4e3f1.1g2h2 Amber Louise LONDT *25.3.1999/Dubai, United Arab Emirates 
~25.12.1999/ St.Columbas Church, Parkview, Johannesburg.
b2c2d4e3f1.1g3 Gregory Douglas Edward LONDT *26.4.1970/Johannesburg. ~6.9.1970/St.Columba's Church, Parkview/JHB. 
x/5.7.1997/St.Saviours Church, Midrand S.A. 
Kathleen Jeannette SHARP *21.10.1974/JHB. S.A. 
d/o Sidney SHARP and Jeannette WEENINK *11.5.?? 
b2c2d4e3f1.1g3h1 Elliot Bernard George LONDT *11.6.1998/17h40 / Sandton Medi-Clinic, Johannesburg.
b2c2d4e3f1.1g3h2 Benjamin Digby Jan LONDT *11.1.2000 /07h44 / Sandton Medi-Clinic, Johannesburg.
b2c2d4e3f1.1g3h3 Joel Sidney Greg LONDT *12.3.2001 /14h35 / Sandton Medi-Clinic, Johannesburg.
b2c2d4e3f1.1g4 Geoffrey John Gilbert LONDT *14.10.1972/Johannesburg. ~25.12.1972/St.Columba's Church, Parkview/JHB. 
x./14.6.1997/Modderfontein Conservation Centre/JHB. S.A. 
Claire WALLACE *3.12.71.  d/o Alexander Murray 'Scotty' WALLACE *14.4.1948 and Denise Patricia WOOD *17.4.1951 
b2c2d4e3f2.1 Jason Gilbert Hayden LONDT *1.4.1943/Johannesburg. 
x/2.3.1968 St Francis Methodist Church, Forrestown; 
Ann PARKIN *3.3.1947 
b2c2d4e3f2.1g1 Brendan Donald Edwin LONDT *26.11.1970. 
b2c2d4e3f2.1g2 Cynthia Ann LONDT  *14.12.1972
x/30.3.1999/East London/ Andre Desmond MORRISH *6.12.1970/Durban S.A.
s/o Desmond MORRISH */Ireland &  Charlotte SMIT 
b2c2d4e3f2.1g2h1 Olivia MORRISH *9.1.2002/Cape Town
b2c2d4e3f2.1g3 Hilary Jewell LONDT *10.3.1976. 
x/17.10.2000/ Pietermaritzburg/ Peter KONIGKRAMER */? .
s/o Arthur KONIGKRAMER and Rosemary ?
b2c2d4e3f3.1 Deborah Joan LONDT *26.5.1947/Salisbury, England. 
x/29.11.1969 St. Francis Anglican Church, Parkview/JHB; 
James William DEALE, Capt.S.A.Airways *25.9.1944/JHB. 
+23.9.97/Durban S.A./Heart attack. 
b2c2d4e3f3.1g1 Jeremy James William DEALE *10.11.1970 /Johannesburg. 
b2c2d4e3f3.1g2 Samantha Joan Muriel DEALE *27.4.1972 /Johannesburg. 
b2c2d4e3f3.1g2h1 Jessica Christen DEALE *4.5.1993/Durban S.A. 
natural d/o Gerard Herve LETIMIER *11.3.1968/Mautitius; 
s/o Pierre LETIMIER and Maude ? 
b2c2d4e3f3.1g3 Katherine Elizabeth DEALE *23.6.1978/Johannesburg. 
b2c2d4e3f3.1g4 Carolyn May DEALE *21.7.1980/Johannesburg. 
b2c2d4e3f4.2 Tessa Jeanne LONDT *2.8.1956/Durban. 
x/13.2.1982/Addo; Gerald Murray STEYN *16.2.1953/ Stellenbosch. 
b2c2d4e3f4.2g1 Lauren Jeanne STEYN *7.1.1983/George, ~10.7.1983/ St.Luke's Anglican Church, Orchards, Johannesburg. 
b2c2d4e3f4.2g2 Jennifer Frances STEYN *20.9.1985/Johannesburg. ~13.4.1986/St.Luke's Anglican Church, Orchards, Johannesburg. 
b2c2d4e3f5.3 David Colin LONDT *3.6.1983/Port Elizabeth. ~......1983/ St. Cuthberts Anglican Church, PE. 
b2c2d4e3f6.3 Aidan William LONDT *27.5.1986/Port Elizabeth. ~5.10.1986/ St. Cuthberts Anglican Church, PE. 
b2c3 George MURRELL *c.1860 +1882/P.E. 
b2c3d1 Vivienne MURRELL *1881 
x. R.P.JONES *1860 +1947 
b2c3d1e1 Rhys JONES *3.10.1909 +6.1923 
b2c3d1e2 Cecil Crosbie JONES *1911 +1912 
b2c3d1e3 Dilys JONES *1916 
x. David PRICE 
b2c3d1e3f1 Glynis PRICE 
b2c3d1e3f2 David PRICE *1947 
b2c4 Jessie MURRELL *1862 +1863/P.E. 
b2c5 Arthur Ernest MURRELL *11.9.1863 +27.7.1937/London, Eng. (Cremated and buried in South-End Cemetery P.E. Entered Grey College as a day pupil in 1872. At age 13 he joined the firm of Lippert & Co. When they closed down he joined Adolph Mosenthal & Co. on 1.4.1884 at age 20. He retired in 1926) 
x1/1889/  Ida CROZIER *1868 +1912 
(Descendant of Robert Crozier, PMG of Cape Town c 1850) 
x2/1915/  Anne Mary COOKE (compiler of the genealogy on which this extended version is based) 
b2c5d1.1 Robert Crozier MURRELL *19.5.1890 +1960 
(Served with Southern Rifles in S.A. and Kings Royal Rifles overseas) 
x/1926/  Eileen GREGORY *18.2.1901 +1978 
b2c5d1e1 Nancy MURRELL *3.1.1927 
x/31.12.1960/  Michael John NORTON 
b2c5d1e1f1 Alice Christine NORTON *27.1.1967 
x/1979/  Leon Van Der WALT 
b2c5d1e1f1g1 Luc Van Der WALT *1979 
b2c5d1e1f1g2 Dianna Van Der WALT *1981 
b2c5d1e2 Rhona Eileen MURRELL *1930 
x/27.10.1951/  Melvin MacDONALD 
b2c5d1e2f1 Robert Neill MacDONALD *19.9.1952 
b2c5d1e2f2 Margaret Jean MacDONALD *9.8.1954 
x/6.5.1978/  Alexander TODD 
b2c5d1e2f2g1 Alexander Marc TODD *19.3.1981 
b2c5d1e2f2g2 (name unknown) TODD *c.11.1982 
b2c5d1e2f3 Kenneth Ross MacDONALD *20.8.1957 
b2c5d1e2f4 Arthur Scott MacDONALD *1.8.1960 
b2c5d2 Arthur Ernest MURRELL *28.10.1891 
(Served with Prince Alfred Guard in S.W.Africa and with the Rifle Brigade overseas. Wounded at the Somme durign WW1) 
x/1922/  Beatrice Greenshields PATTERSON *1898 
b2c5d2e1 Ida Mary MURRELL *25.5.1923 
x/11.1.1946/  C.S.BELL 
b2c5d2e1f1 Belinda BELL *30.10.1946 
x. Jaques MAREE 
b2c5d2e1f2 Miranda BELL *14.12.1950 
x. Bruce HARRISON - divorced 
b2c5d2e1f2g1 Emma HARRISON 
b2c5d2e1f3 Juliet BELL *15.12.1953 x/? 
b2c5d2e1f4 Caroline Rae BELL *16.7.1956 
b2c5d2e1f4g1 James FAIRBROTHER *1976 
b2c5d2e2 Ernest John Crozier MURRELL *5.11.1926 +9.5.1957 x/? 
b2c5d2e2f1 Hugh Crozier MURRELL 
b2c5d2e2f1g1 Katharine Ann MURRELL 
b2c5d2e3 Beatrice Phillipa MURRELL *16.12.1931 
x1/ Bruce GOODWIN - divorced 
x2/ N.LEVY - divorced 
x3/ John GIBBON 
b2c5d2e3f1.1 Timothy GOODWIN 
b2c5d2e3f2.2 Deborah LEVY *1959 
b2c5d2e3f3.2 Simon LEVY *1963 
b2c5d3 George Dupre Crozier MURRELL *31.12.1894 
(Served with Duke of Edinburgh's Own in S.W.Africa and  the Rifle Brigade in France. Wounded at the Somme during WW1) 
x/1930 Vera TANNER *1906 
b2c5d3e1 Julia de Burley MURRELL *14.7.1934 
x1. Allan SANDERSON 
x2. Terry STEVENS 
b2c5d3e1f1.1 Ingrid SANDERSON 
b2c5d3e1f2.1 (son) SANDERSON 
b2c5d3e1f3.1 Sarah SANDERSON 
b2c5d4 Alexander Crozier MURRELL *1900 +/in infancy 
b2c5d5 Constance Ida Crozier MURRELL *16.12.1904 +1938 
x1. Francis H.NELSON 
x2. John FEWKES
b2c5d5e1.1 Anne Marie NELSON *1930  x1.Michael HOFFMAN - divorced. 
b2c5d5e1.1f1.1 Terrence HOFFMAN 
b2c5d5e1.1f2.1 Paula HOFFMAN 
b2c5d5e1.1f3.1 Bruce HOFFMAN 
b2c5d5e1.1f4.1 Timothy HOFFMAN 
b2c5d5e1.1f5.1 Peter HOFFMAN 
b2c5d5e2.2 Roberta FEWKES x. Noel JARVIS 
b2c5d5e2.2f1 (unknown) JARVIS 
b2c5d5e2.2f12 (unknown) JARVIS 
b2c5d5e2.2f13 (unknown) JARVIS 
b2c6 Sydney Tebutt MURRELL *1866 +1933 - Unmarried 
(Buried South-End Cemetery P.E.) 
b2c7 Gertrude Florence MURRELL *11.1.1869 
x. Archie MOORE +1922 
(He was manager of Barclays Bank, Pretoria) 
b2c8 Maud Mary MURRELL *29.12.1870 +14.12.1915 
x. John BRUCE. 
b2c9 William MURRELL *1872 +1875 
b2c10 Edward MURRELL *1874 +/in infancy
b2c11 Nellie May MURRELL *1876 +c.1899 
b2c12 Irene George MURRELL *1877 
x. MATTHEWS - No. issue 
DERL     murrell1/8.87  Updated 30.9.97                                                            RETURN

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2.  Jackie Murrell, 2587 East 28th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V5R 1R7.
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