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LiveWire.TSX Version 1.1

Real-Time Joystick Motion Capture plugin for
CALIGARI trueSpace 3.1
and higher.

(For Intertrax 30)

Converts InterTrax 30
Data to Mouse Cursor Movement

These are for InterSense's brilliant InterTrax30 VR motion tracker.
Real-Time Head Mounted Viewpoint Motion Tracker for
CALIGARI trueSpace 3.1
and higher.


(Very) Simple Asteroids game 
made with trueSpace and Delphi 
(note: requires Hi-Color display mode)

OpenGL & MFC Tester - CUBE.EXE (21K)
This tiny prog will allow you to test your
OpenGL and MFC libraries
(That are included with Win95r2 and Win98)
Should show a colourful spinning cube
using OpenGL. (Press the Play Button)
MFC42.DLL's and OpenGL.DLL's required.

HeightMachine V1.0

bitmap to 3D DXF
mesh converter)

* Coming Soon: LiveWire 2 - The Quantum Matrix *
for trueSpace, 3DS MAX & Vectre
Only $20.
90 Day Trial Version available here soon.
(You will have a full 90 days to pay and receive an unlock code via email,
if you wish to continue using LiveWire 2)

RIGHT-CLICK on LiveWire Plugin (once installed in trueSpace) to get help!
Last update: 1998/10/08
Click Here to Download LiveWire Version 1.12
(only 149K! Amazing)

Unzipped Version LIVEWIRE.TSX (300K)
RIGHT-CLICK here and select Save Link As...

LiveWire V1.12

Enhancement to 1.12
Manually Resizable Window

Enhancements in 1.1
Extended Keyboard support:
New 5-Speed gearbox (for turning)
Virtual Key Table (means you can press ALL the keys at once)
'Esc' Key now temporarily halts LiveWire while retaining object's inertia.
 Pressing 'Esc' again continues Livewire as if it were never off.
(great for doing animations in stages)
Pressing the 'Go Live' Toggle now clears object inertia

The Usual Features
LiveWire is a Fly-By-Wire system for trueSpace 3.x.
It captures joystick AND KEYBOARD motion and applies it to the currently
selected object in REAL-TIME.
You can fly, drive or move any
Object, Camera or Light around your scene,
You can create an unlimited amount of layered animation
as well as...

  •         Complex Realistic flight/driving scenes with many planes/ships/vehicles
  •         WALDO style robot arm control
  •         Interactive LIVE scenes
  •         Complex sweep paths

  • LiveWire has true Inertial Motion and can capture joystick
    motion with up to 65535 increments of precision. The theoretical
    maximum capture rate is 1 frame every 1 millisecond. (varies per system).
    Using LiveWire you are fully interactive with your animating
    trueSpace 3.x scene.

    Livewire will drastically reduce you animation planning time.
    Just climb in the cockpit/driver's seat and GO!

    System requirement:
    Caligari trueSpace 3.0 or higher
    Microsoft Windows 95® Compatible Joystick
        (Optimized for MS Sidewinder 3D Pro)
    300K free disk space (only!)

    Recommended System:
    Caligari truespace 3.1
    Microsoft SideWinder 3D Precision/Pro
     or 4 button, 4 axis, POV/HAT joystick
    Pentium 133 or higher.

    There is no installation necessary, just unzip the file and copy the resulting files into
    your plugins folder. Load the plugin as you would any other trueSpace plugin.

    . The first thing you'll want to do is roll down the options, click recenter and capture each POV direction,
      even if your joystick has no POV button, otherwise your Live object will 'drift'.
      (default settings are for MS Sidewinder 3D)
    .Set the current view to Camera to 'Climb in the Cockpit' of the current Live object.
      (remember to set up your axes before animating)
    .Don't erase a Live object while it is 'Live' - trueSpace may crash (depending on the speed of your system).
      Unclick the 'Live' Toggle Button first.
    .You can ONLY use the keyboard motion-capture keys when LiveWire is the active window.
    . There is a mini-HUD (heads up display) at the left and top of the main window. (some moving dots)
       This is a guide to the orientation of the Live Object. This can be disabled in the Settings roll-down.
    . RIGHT-CLICK on the LiveWire Plugin Icon to get more help!

    Click Here to downLoad TRAX.TSX
    Last Update: 1999/03/20

    This plugin was developed for InterSense for their brilliant and Ultra Fast Head tracker: The InterTrax 30. If you're thinking of buying a VR headset you will also need to buy a head motion tracker - and this is the one to get.
    The plugin updates the view with your head position in real time.
    Look through a camera to record the Real-Time motion.

    Click Here to download T2M.EXE
    Last Update: 1999/03/30

    For use with other 3D Aps and games that don't support the InterTrax30. Lets you move the mouse by moving your head - Perfect for Quakers!

    Height_Machine V1.0

    This 'cute' stand-alone program creates mountains or 'height' files from
    any suitably sized Windows Bitmap.
    You can smooth and draw stuff as well.
    Exports data to DXF, which you can import
    into just about any darn program (like trueSpace).

    These images were created start to finish in under 5 minutes using
    Height_Machine and Caligari trueSpace 3.1
    You can use ANY Bitmap image -
    try making a mountain out of a loved one!
    Also great for quick realistic detailing (BAS/low relief sculpture, etc)
    Click here to Download Height.Zip (500K)

    Liquid V1.0
    A VERY simple game, purely to demonstrate what can be done
    with trueSpace 3.1, Delphi and no boss in the building for 2 hours.
    (Note: requires Hi-Color display mode...
    right-click on your desktop to change to Hi-Color or better (if you can))
    Click here to dowload (300K!)
    End of 3D Page (sorry)