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Cape Records Association News
1st August 1999

Vickers Vimy Lands in Cape Town

The Silver Queen landed in Cape Town on Thursday 29th July at the end of a two month re-enactment of van Ryneveld and Brand's epic 1920 flight. The aircraft has been on display since then at the Cape Air Business Centre hangar at Cape Town International airport.

It is difficult to believe that this machine has just completed an arduous trip across Europe and down the full length of Africa. The silver paintwork is immaculate; there is no sign of damage or abrasion on the nose skid or propellor leading edges, and the whole machine gleams as if it had just left the factory.

One or two pictures of the Silver Queen have been included here for interest.

See the Vimy home page on the Internet for further information on this remarkable flight.

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View of cockpit    View towards tail

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