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Cape Records Association News
24th July 1999

South African Navy Interest in the Cape Records Anniversary

Some excellent news for the Cape Records Anniversary is that the South African Navy, who administer and control Wingfield (the Cape Town aerodrome where Alex Henshaw landed) are highly enthusiastic about the anniversary celebration, and will be meeting with CRA next week to explore ways in which they can become more involved with the project. Many thanks to Mike Daly for his efforts in this regard.

Plaque News

UltrasignsIn 1998 Ultrasigns produced a superb brass plaque to commemorate Victor Smith's famous forced landing which was made by the light of a parachute flare during his heroic attempt on the England-Cape record in 1933. We are delighted to report that Ultrasigns have been most supportive and helpful with regard to production of the Cape records commemorative plaque.

Not quite so encouraging is the news regarding sponsorship of Alex Henshaw's air fares between the UK and South Africa, which has yet to be resolved. Hopefully the next bulletin will contain better news.

tablemountain.jpg (7714 bytes)For those of you out there who do not know the Cape, here is a recent picture of Table Mountain and the Cape Town city bowl taken during an aerial cruise around the Cape Peninsula. The Mountain has not changed much since Alex Henshaw's classic flight, but he will doubtless find the City somewhat altered!

Some people have reported not being able to find our website. If you are reading this, you obvious did find it, and we would be most appreciative of any comments you might have - especially if you experienced any problems or funnies which we might be able to address. As always, you can send e-mail to our official Association e-mail address: c/o me, Lee Hall: leehall@iafrica.com

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