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Cape Records Association News
18th July 1999

Today was Richard Branson's 49th birthday.

With one important exception, arrangements for celebrations of the 60th Anniversary of Alex Henshaw's historic flight from London to Cape Town and back are progressing very well. We have assurances of assistance with production of the plaque from the company who made a similar plaque a couple of years ago for a memorial at the site where Victor Smith force-landed his Comper Swift during a 1933 attempt on the London-Cape record.

There also appear to be no problems with arrangements for the VIP luncheon to be held at the Officers' Mess, Ysterplaat after the plaque unveiling ceremony on Friday 26th November.

The only cause for concern is the continuig lack of a sponsor for Alex Henshaw's air fare between UK and South Africa. This problem has been exacerbated by a major airline (who may remain nameless) whose Public Relations Manager kept CRA on a string for almost a month before turning down the request. In the event, the delay has been much more damaging than the lack of assistance.

This week sees the launch of our very own website. Owing to financial constraints, this site was developed in-house, and is its proud author's very first effort - so please be indulgent with its shortcomings! Synchronised with the website launch will be a conserted media awareness campaign, and a full colour Press flyer will be sent out to a number of print and electronic media persons and organisations over the next few days. If you would like your own copy, please download it from here.

A final venue for Alex Henshaw's public lecture has not yet been finalised. There is a possibility that the Mountain Club of South Africa may be interested in hosting this event, although this would entail some obstacles. The interim arrangement is to hold it on the campus of the University of Cape Town.

And that's about it. If you have any comments, please send them to me, Lee Hall: leehall@iafrica.com

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