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The Cape Records Association

The Cape Records Association consists of a small group of aviation enthusiasts, and exists for the sole purpose of celebrating the sixtieth anniversary of Alex Henshaw's epic Cape Records flight from London to Cape Town and back in February 1939.

The members of the Cape Records Association are - in alphabetical order :-

Gordon Artz Offical CRA / SAAFA co-ordinator.
Gordon is the President of the South African Air Force Association (SAAFA), and has been instrumental in assisting the Cape Records Association with many of the Anniversary event arrangements.
Barry Blomkamp Planning, Marketing & Sponsorship
Barry is a motivational speaker and conference organiser. He is visually disabled since losing his eyesight in a tragic accident ten years ago. Barry did his citizen force training with the South African Air Force.
Mike Daly Planning, Marketing & Sponsorship
Mike is an ex-Zimbabwean with strong roots in aviation, having served an apprenticeship with Rolls Royce, working on aircraft such as the Vickers Viscount. He presently lives in Cape Town, where he runs his own business.
Lee Hall Cape Records Association Convenor / Liaison Officer
Lee is Information Services Manager for a Civil Engineering consultancy. Although not involved with the aviation field, he has a lifelong interest in aircraft and flying, and served for a year as a citizen force air radio operator in the South African Air Force.
Chris Lampard Marketing / British Liaison
Chris was formerly with both the Royal Air Force and the British Army. He is currently an aviation artist, with an extensive portfolio of aircraft posters - including one of G-AEXF. He is also one of Britain's leading Flight Simulator aircraft developers. Chris is the only non-Capetonian member of CRA, and lives in Didcot, Oxfordshire.
David Lithgow CRA Media Working Group; SAAFA/RAFA liaison
David is the President of the Western Cape branch of the Royal Air Force Association (RAFA) and is also a member of the South African Air Force Association.
Sheryl Ozinsky Consultant: Media and Marketing
Sheryl is the Director of Captour, and has a superb track record as an organiser and primer mover. She has been involved in projects as diverse as the establishment of the Two Oceans Aquarium, and the organisation for several years of the Cape Town Festival.
Jack Ruck SAAFA / CRA Working Group Convenor
Jack is a civil engineer by profession, and is Vice President of the South African Air Force Association. He is also a friend and former colleague of Victor Smith, a noted South African pioneer aviator.
Peter Swart Benefactor
Peter is involved in software development, and has a long-standing interest in the Cape Records flight. His organisation, Datasoft, has very kindly donated host facilities for this web-site.
Roger Williams CRA Media Working Group Convenor
Roger is a former Chief Staff Writer with the Cape Times newspaper. Although himself having a Naval background, he has strong aviation interests, and edited Victor Smith's highly successful book, Open Cockpit Over Africa.

Contact Information

At present, all initial contacts should be made through the Convenor, Lee Hall. Contact details are as follows:- 

  Office Home
   Phone: +27+21 421-2430 +27+21 715-6480
   Fax: +27+21 421-1985 +27+21 715-7545
   E-Mail: lee@liebstan.co.za leehall@iafrica.com
   Physical Address:   21 Newton Drive
7806 Western Cape
South Africa

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