The sixtieth anniversary of this extraordinary feat is being celebrated both in England and in South Africa. 

Alex Henshaw has accepted an invitation to visit Cape Town in November 1999, when he will take part in a number of events to mark this historic occasion.

Air Historians have recently concluded that Henshaw's Cape Records flight is on a par with three of the most outstanding flights ever made, but that as a solo achievement, it is in a class of its own. Click here to learn more about one of the greatest classic flights of the the Golden Age of flying.

No less impressive than the flight is Alex Henshaw himself. Now 87 years old, Henshaw is still fully active, and last year he traveled to Australia in order to present the Spitfire Memorial Fellowship. During World War II he was Chief Test Pilot at Castle Bromwich, one of the largest factories in England producing Spitfires and Lancaster bombers.

Alex Henshaw is a recent past President of the Spitfire Society, and in 1997 Prince Philip presented him with the inaugural Jeffrey Quill Award for services to Aviation.


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