Cape Records Anniversary Celebrations

Public Lecture by Alex Henshaw

Alex Henshaw has agreed to give a public lecture while in Cape Town. This will relate not only to his Mew Gull flight, but also to his experiences during the war as Chief Test Pilot at Castle Bromwich, one of the biggest wartime factories producing Spitfires and Lancaster bombers. The lecture, which will take place on Friday 26th November 1999, has been arranged under the kind auspices of the Mountain Club of South Africa.

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The Senior Test pilot Group, Castle Bromwich
(from Sigh for a Merlin)

The slide show will cover three main areas of interest. Firstly he will speak about his experiences as Chief Test Pilot at Castle Bromwich, the largest wartime factory producing Spitfires. Aspects both of production and the qualities of the Spitfire itself will be dealt with. The second part of his talk will deal respectively with the Cape Records survey flight, which was undertaken by Mr Henshaw and his father in a Vega Gull in 1938, as well as the 1939 Cape Records Flight itself.

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