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We have been providing our local and international clientele with a world class service at unbeatable prices since 1997. Being a small family business has made this possible due to lower running costs and a high input of time and dedication.

See what you've been missing....

...while the plant is RUNNING!

Common Applications:fuses
Electrical (indoor/outdoor)
H.T and L.V Switchgear
Thyristor Drives
Power Lines
Insulation/Refractory Lining
Heat Exchangers
Rotating Kilns

Minimise costly breakdowns
Assisting shutdown planning
Risk Management

The Survey Is Performed By:

John Bonner,who is a Master Installation Electrician and Level 1
flange Thermographer, with more than five years of experience in Thermography.
The thermal imaging device being used, is one of the most proven and reliable Agema systems,the 750. Depending on the application or clients preference,full colour or black and white imaging is available.

The Report:

  • A detailed list type report of what was inspected
  • A brief "report-at-a-glance" sheet to highlight the areas containing faults and their severity
  • A graph indicating the fault trend
  • A fault sheet for each fault containing all relevant information regarding the location, diagnosis, full colour non-thermal and colour/black and white infrared image, severity, history and notes

With all out-of-town (national / international) surveys, the reports are generated on site using a portable PC and colour printer in order to eliminate possible postage/courier problems. Local clients reports are posted within 24 hours of job completion.

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