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Yes, now you can all discuss hiking related matters in bulletin-board style threads.

I've started with two forums (see below), but can add more on request - just mail me your ideas.

Using the forums is really easy - just choose one from the list below. Then follow the on-page instructions. You have three choices:

Post a message. With this option you start a new thread, that is you put up a new subject for discussion.

View all messages. You can read through the messages in the forum.

Go back. This escape button takes you back to BHC home page.

When you see a message that is of some interest to you and you want to say something just click the message heading, then click "Respond to the message" button. Dialog box appears where you can write your contribution.


Forums currently available:

Hikers talk - your comments about hiking and hiking trails in general.

Dam building - building of dams in prime hiking areas.

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Last modified: April 14, 1999