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List of subscribers to the UCTPoetryWeb List
Haiku PageHaiku Page

Poems submitted to the list 1
Lionel Abrahams, Jason Armstrong,
Arthur Attwell, Ken Barris

Poems submitted to the list 2
Roy Blumenthal, Christina Coates,
Mike Cope, Phillippa de Villiers,
clinton v du plessis
Poems submitted to the list 3
Keith Gottschalk, Geoffrey Haresnape,
Peter Horn, Michael Leon Kantey,
Rustum Kozain, Mlamli Maneli,
Poems submitted to the list 4
Motampane Molekwa, Abner Nyamende,
Winston Powell, Roy Robins,
Catharina Scheepers,
Chantal Stewart,
Karen van den Bergh, Leandre' Warren


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