Q2 PAGES!!!!

Part 1

This is my very first attempt at a web page.... not bad for someone who can hardly spell his own name correctly.

A flying banana on the cover of 'Popular Science' - August 1981. Impressive wouldn't you say??

The angle of attack looks a bit funny in this picture - similar to the angle that I landed my hang-glider yesterday!
I suppose that was the only way that they could get it onto the page though.

This article is written by Ben Kocivar and begins on page 58.
The way cool cut-away drawing of the Q2 below is by Adolph Brotman. What a seriously wonderful picture...now how do I print it out poster size with a standard A4 inkjet?? Any ideas??

I hope that the text is reasonably legable and that you degree in hyroglyphics won't be put to use decifering the article.

If this ain't beauty I don't know what is! WOW!!

Anybody know about the 10 screws that hold the fuselage together? It sounds convenient for transporting/storing.... and pretty scary if you are going to test wheather your craft can REALLY get to 180 mph.

Question: Who has the fastest Q2 around and at what speed does it cruise at. I've heard of 185 mph with a Revmaster.

Sadly we have come to the last page of this article.

That template that they are hot-wiring on the right looks a little different - I thought it was supposed to taper into a point towards the back?

I hope the time spent here was enjoyable and that your efforts in looking for this page were rewarded.

Untill "Part 2" is up and running.......