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Whether you are out of shape and unfit or a fitness fundi, 
Drill Corps Boot Camp has the program for you.  

Drill Corps Boot Camp is 
extremely enjoyable, and you will get results fast!!! 
Our highly qualified drill instructors will keep you motivated while pushing you to your limits.

drill down

Drill Corps Boot Camp has a comprehensive 'gladiator style' obstacle course which forms an integral part of this progressive outdoor fitness program.  Conquer obstacles like THE TERMINATOR or THE EQUALIZER and you'll be on your way to becoming a lean mean training machine!


Work your way up the ranks:
    Sets the groundwork to perform better in all activities. Dont be scared - its for the unfit!
    Improves stamina, strength, speed, endurance and agility. 
    Kick-butt honing in on the ultimate fitness.


drill down

Drill Corps Boot Camp will not only teach you the following, 
but make them a disciplined reality to you:

    If your diet is correct you will get the best results. 
    You are what you eat!
    Pain is just weakness on its way out of your system! 
    It's mind over matter - so get to it!
    Motivation through group participation. "Esprit de Corps" (team spirit) will help you achieve your goals.
    Do not be late or you will perform mercy exercises. Tardiness is the thief of time!
    Promises made to yourself are the most important kind - so keep them!

drill down

Drill Corps Boot Camp is also an ideal natural outdoor setting for corporate team building & motivational talks.  
Contact us for event and cost details.


So if you want to declare war on fat, lethargy and procrastination,
or just want to take your training to the next level,
then Drill Corps Boot Camp is just what the General ordered!



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