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South Africa 2004

6th World Championships

20th April - 17:00 - update

Final results of the World Championships now published. Zip file with all files here.

17th April - 21:00 - update

Results of the Events 9 through to 30 posted in the sheet called Results 16. Today will see the final shoot offs going through to determine the medal placing for tonight's prize giving ceremony. Steve Mackrill has donated 5 beautiful hand crafted knives as prizes for the aggregate winners - thanks very much Steve - they will be greatly treasured!

16th April - 21:00 - update

The rifle competition over the past two days have seen lower average scores than was expected from the competition. However, in saying that, this is not an easy range to shoot on - especially the big bore one. Wind flags can be very temperamental and change with no notice. However, there are no less than 4 competitors so far tied on 28 in BBR Silhouette for 1st place - this promises to be a great shoot off - more details and photos will follow. Some fantastic air rifle scores were posted as well. Jimmy Bekker - South Africa - equalled the existing South African National Record of 34 using a borrowed Air Arms S400 air rifle. Tim Inman and Willie van Zyl - both also South Africans - also posted the second highest score of 32 - both also borrowed the same make of rifle from another owner. These scores posted outdoors with wind conditions prevailing. This says reams for the accuracy and quality of the S400 air rifle - it seems to be posting around 800 feet per second and this definitely helps buck the windy conditions. More on this rifle and its big brother - the EV2 - will be posted shortly. Air Rifle is not an official sport in IMSSU, but South Africa has presented the sport locally for the last few years and uses it to get the kids into a shooting sport. We also welcomed the presence on the range of the MAN Magnum magazine scribe - Keith Dyer. This great magazine has been a major sponsor of silhouette shooting in South Africa since its inception and many readers - both locally and international - enjoy the monthly offerings. Thanks MAN Magnum and welcome to our championships.

14th April - 19:00 - update

Quiet day compared to the rest so far. It was voting day for South Africans and fewer events were squadded for the days proceedings. However, the weather was magnificent and some major scores were posted in the new event - air rifle. This event - shot outdoors from 18 - 41 metres - has attracted a good number of entries and the highest score posted so far has been a fantastic 34. This equals the current South African record shot some years ago. Late afternoon saw some fun when Colin Steyn - a Bloemfontein advocate - arrived to show off his 2nd World War BMW motorcycle with side car. This vintage piece attracted a lot of attention, especially from the older generation boys. Well done Colin!

10th April - 21:00 - update

Today was shoot off day for all the Small and Big Bore Handgun events. Weather conditions were fair - windy at times and very variable, so it posed a great challenge to the competitors. As always, it was a pleasure to watch the top guns battling out against opponent and nerves to see who would take the honours. By lunchtime, all the shoot offs were completed and the range was then opened up for practice. Thereafter, a special catapult competition was run. Fantastic scores with marbles were achieved in great conditions - and several novel sighting moves were demonstrated - especially by Revo and Ludi from South Africa. It was great to watch the internationals taking part and enjoying the sports so much - what a magic way to end a fantastic day of competition..

6th April - 11:00 - update

Latest results now posted. The range has started to dry out after the rain that poured down over the weekend. Some good scores are going through as well. It is a bit disturbing to see certain competitors pushing the boundaries of the rules - i.e. clothing being very tight, sights in contact with the hats, etc. What a pity that it is so important to win that some people will resort to border line tactics to get the advantage. Come on guys - play fair and win fair!

It is great to hear the visitors stating that they wish they had more time available to tour this beautiful country - many are talking of making sure they take more leave next time to do so.

Presently there are over 225 competitors entered for this shoot and as mentioned before, the range is absolutely fantastic. It is a difficult range to shoot good scores on as many are finding out, but the rewards when reading the conditions properly are worth it.

5th April - 21:00 - update

At last - the 6th World Champs are here and running. A major backroom work has been done by many people and specifically the Bloemfontein Metallic Silhouette Shooting Club who are the host club. In due course, all the sponsors, helpers, etc. will be added to this page to honour all that have dedicated so much time for the love of the sport. It is an honour to host this shoot and we wish all competitors the best - we have provided you with the best range in the world with everything completely up to spec. New targets, new range layout and many man-hours to get all the surveying and checking done have paid off handsomely with this range in the best condition ever. Please go to the picture page to see some of the footage. This range has been completely site surveyed and everything falls well within the tolerances allowed by the IMSSU rules. Well done guys! Our thanks to the IMSSU body for the faith in awarding this shoot to us in 2002 and we hope we will do you proud. South Africa is a proud nation and we are proud to have you - our international visitors - here, especially during this, the 10th year of freedom in South Africa. May you all enjoy the stay and return again soon!

To those of you who did not make it over to the 6th World Championships in South Africa - shame on you! This shoot is being hosted on the BEST range in the world - and you can ask any of the competitors to vouch for that. Opening ceremony came and went - good times, food, dancing and generally getting to renew old friendships on the Saturday night. Both Sat and Sunday provided time for all to get sight settings and last minute adjustments. Apart from a huge downpour of rain on Sunday around lunchtime that created a few problems to cars and vehicles getting bogged down in the mud, everything has started smoothly with very few - if any - complaints and gripes.

This page will be updated daily - time permitting - with news snippets and an accompanying pages will update with photos. Should anyone wish to get the original, larger, better quality photos, please e-mail the Webmaster and I will make sure that you get them. I will also take requests to have certain competitors photographed specially for your requests if done soon. If you would like your countrymen to return with copies of all photos in CD ROM format, let me know and this will be arranged for a small fee at the end of the championships. Time permitting - raw video footage may be added to the CD ROM, otherwise this can be ordered and it will be edited and mailed off later. Please arrange with your compatriots to order from me on the range and leave me with the postal details.

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