Copyright notice

These photographs are subject to the WWW copyright laws, and to Berne convention copyright laws. They can not be reproduced, by any means, without the prior consent of the copyright owner (that's me).

There are certain conditions under which I give you permission to link to, or copy, the files containing images you like.

Permission is granted to anyone to make a link to any of the Web pages included in this server. You may download images for your personal use like in a screen-saver, or as the root image for your X-terminal. I also authorize to download an image for display on a Web page maintained for yourself or for a non-profit organization, provided that you properly attribute copyright to me, *and* include a link to Guido's Underwater Photography page.

Any reasonable e-mail request for non-profit making reproduction will certainly be accepted. However these photographs may not be reproduced for commercial purposes or resale under any circumstances without the prior written and signed consent of the photographer (that's me). This includes use on a commercial web site.

If you wish to reproduce any of the images for commercial purposes, please contact me. I have the original slides for all the images on display. I have also a much larger collection of slides than those displayed on this server. 

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